Love Me Again

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    I was reading the song lyrics post by whybother and that reminded me of something from the past.

    I doubt that I have revealed this to anyone here yet, but I am a retired musician. Back in my limited college days, when I had started a band called, Alien, we were working on original material for recording. We had access to the music recording studio at the music school, and did a ton of recordings there.

    Since I am a drummer, all I could really do was write lyrics when it came to song writing, and I penned this song, back in 1984. How ironic is it, that the words would hold true for me 24 years later as I am going thru this divorce.

    Love Me Again

    verse 1

    You were walking away from me
    When I said to you, I love you
    But still, your leaving me
    I guess you had other plans without me
    It hurts so much inside
    My world means nothing, without you


    Could you please just be my friend
    and simply, love me again


    Love Me Again
    Love me like never before
    Don't go and walk out that door
    Just stay with me
    And be with me
    And love me again

    verse 2

    I tried to call you on the telephone
    When I got home this evening
    But no one, no one answered
    And still you have all those plans without me
    I'm tearing up inside
    And I can't live without you

    Instrumental break

    You were walking away from me
    When I said to you, HEY I LOVE YOU
    But still your leaving me behind
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.