Love or friendship, as good or bad; Post away amiss or pensive, whether merry or sad!

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    A mere rant-->: I had embarked through a string of relationships within a relatively brief period, which made me question my motives. I realised what i had always known but allowed myself to forget : get over yourself, get over her. So im now trying with honest and real intentions to understand so called 'love' in its bonds and binds, spending my year seeking solitude. Thinking about such things temporarily protects me from SH and other SD tendencies.

    I shall begin with sharing this, please feel free to write, i would be grateful:

    A voice harbours my anger,
    it placates in its seed.
    A look soothes me entire,
    more than it can, feels.
    These days i yield more -
    to moments which fleet;
    and so i plead,
    guilty to your love.

    A glance retrieves all past,
    saving days, now grooming well,
    the mortal ticks swoon evergreen,
    sighing, shying, soothing swell.
    Now unmattered - fate; shrivels to a wink,
    When one's in love, one need not think.

    As the first whiffs of spring,
    wake slumbered pastures in its charm,
    Like such - my pith, slips into a psalm,
    & blooms even when none admire,
    shrooms over vanity - a corroding fire.

    It builds like billows pouring thirsts,
    thirsts seeking to winnow the wits,
    But its silting rivulets flower love -
    in red, white, green and blue.
    brings a stilling stimulus in every deed,
    each mile to time is frothing sweet.

    A-mazed grace to some it seems,
    which may soil whiles, wiled to its spills.
    Hark! waves of lust lie in feel,
    the noble gossamer will suffer ills.
    So i claim - the pride of love is not in touch,
    nor in minds cradling thus,
    But it reigns in spells of colourful rain,
    which hail as enamoured bells,
    chime again and again.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.