love or lust ??

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    ok, im going to explain what i meant in my previous post 'messed up'.
    i have to get this out, my emotions and feelings are out of control and its very hard to cope with it. i am married, been together for 23 years, our relationship is ok, had our ups and downs but in general just ok. we have 4 kids. i have been talking to someone on sf since i joined, friendly stuff, but lately its gotten much more. i (we) have been very open and honest with each other, we both know everything about each other, he is not married but lives thousands of miles away. we have to be realistic we may never meet, we know that. i have never felt this way about anyone, he excites me, i get butterflies when we talk, i cant get him out my head, we both feel the same way. ive fallen for him in a really big way, we both say we love each other. i am in such a state of confusion. i do not advocate infidelity, in fact i know first hand what it feels like to be cheated on, my husband has done it to me, twice. anyway, i just needed to get that out, not sure i feel better but its out.
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    There is a safety to knowing you may never meet that might allow you to feel and express things that are not as accessible in also tells you want you need in RL...the situation is a difficult one, because it is outside your marriage, but something you were lacking...I think only you can decide the work/benefit ratio in something like this...but I do know how this feels, and for me, it was good to feel alive...what I did, was try to find it as much as I could in my RL intimate relationship, and it was one of the reasons why we went to counselling (which obviously did not work as I had planned as we are not together anymore)...but we did of luck to you
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    Hun time to get some councilling for you okay some therapy if possible marriage councilling even You are infatuated with someone you will never have hun so the grass looks greener on the other side. It is not hun You have a family hun YOUR family okay don't look anyfurther for happiness Get some therapy individually or together but love what you have not what you cannot have hugs
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    just thought i would clear something up, i am not having an affair, or cheating on my husband. this was purely confusion and didnt know what was going on. i am close to a few people on here and yes i love them, male and female but love for their support and honesty to me, nothing else.