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    I've been crying for the last three hours and thinking about killing myself, this pain i'm feeling is too much for me to handle and this upsets me even more. My family isn't helping and so do my friends. I know they all care for me and this stops me from pressing the trigger, but this pain...i think is going to overcome their caring. I heard that it is good to talk about it, so I tried talking with one of my best friends, but he thinks i'm joking... I got this weird thing...I'm getting attached to someone way too fast and then i suffer when it's over, right now is actually more than that. For the past years i've loved different girls, I was happy, I suffer...somehow i got over it. I was feeling pretty bad because i couldn't get a relationship when i met this girl around 4 months ago, we were talking day to night everyday, after a week i asked her if she's single and then all the problems started, she told me she has a boyfriend but she doesn't love him and she's scared of him, anyway we had a date where we talked about it, everything went amazing, then we were spending a few hours together at school, skipping some classes and we went to more dates where we kissed and after everyone of them we started fighting because of her relationship with that guy... A month has passed, we did more than kisses, she broke up with that guy and we had this amazing date where everything went perfect, we kissed with people around us and she called our thing a relationship...and the same day i screwed up everything, every bit of my life, i should have killed myself right after that date... We were talking after that day by texting, she asked me for nudes... I did that thing for her and that's when she got upset as "i lied to her, i told her that i'm not doing that stuff and i did it". I tried explaining, we stopped talking for a few days, then we talked again it felt like we were going to be fine and one day i got her a rose, i offered it to her and she told me... she was back together with that guy... I stopped talking to her for two weeks but yesterday i just couldn't wait no more...I texted her that i miss her and i'm thinking about her and the message is seen, but i don't think she's going to text me... I just don't want to live my life without her seems like everything is hopeless. I don't want relief i don't deserve that, but i want all this pain to stop...
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    I am sorry you are feeling such pain right now. Remember what you wrote in your post, it has happened many times before, you fall in love then are hurt. This is all while still a student in school. Most people are not ready for deep serious relationships and love at your age, so yes, if you allow yourself to get that serious so often at that age it will keep happening. More importantly though, you know it is a very temporary feeling that will go away as soon as you find another girl you are interested in. So far as this particular girl, if she started seeing you while still dating/seeing somebody else, she will start seeing somebody else while still dating/seeing you. History does tend to repeat itself in such things. Count yourself as fortunate it was not month more involved prior to it happening. Somebody in your life only a few months, and with multiple issues during even that short time is just not worth this amount of pain and grief.

    Take Care and Be Safe

    - Ben
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