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Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by suicidalbabe, Oct 14, 2011.

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  1. suicidalbabe

    suicidalbabe Well-Known Member

    So my boyfriend was all over this girl in my class. It was like I was totally invisible to him. sometimes I wish I was invisible. No body would miss me anyways so why am I still alive. I've thought of commiting suicide a lot in the past week. Its like my heart wouldn care if it stopped beating just as long as the pain was gone. I dont think he'd even notice if i died or dissappeared or wattebber. I feel hopelessly lonely and my friends dont understand. They try well some anyways I dont know what to do I just feel like dying.:shower:
  2. Moses

    Moses Well-Known Member

    screw that asshole. there's no excuse for him behaving like that. You deserve much better.
  3. windlepoons

    windlepoons Well-Known Member

    Your bf sounds like he is no loss. There will be better boyfriends in your future.
    You deserve better.
  4. angeleyez

    angeleyez Member

    Hey Hun, Don't worry that guy doesn't deserve you. You deserve someone much better and I'm sure it will come to you. Just have patience. Dont lose hope.
  5. peacelovingguy

    peacelovingguy Well-Known Member

    I'd be off quicker than a flash if any women I was with got up to that!

    But - a mate of mine who married his childhood sweetheart - when he was 15 - she did dance with some guy - kissed him - some argument and she decided to make him jealous - no more than that.

    Once he knew - they made up (I was witness) - and he stopped fighting every man who spoke to her! lol - I see him stand in front of cars - hand out - car stops and some man is like 'WTF?' - as he is accused of carrying on with his girl and dragged out of the car - check if there is lipstick on the collar.

    That was the only glitch. Had he died - I may have moved in - to honour his memory - lol - well she was a real nice girl and now a real nice women.

    Anyhow - be 100% - and if he is a rat he is a rat - and I hope you have just one more boyfriend - marry him - have half a dozen kids or something.

    After you become highly educated of course!

    Please don't EVER think of hurting yourself for a man - because IF he was a good man - he would not treat you that way. He is young - lot to learn - and will be hurt himself one day - and boys - men - we take it worse! but never use that to ever hurt a boy who likes you!

    Sorry you been hurt - try talking to your mum - because I bet she felt like you feel now - ask her - surely she cried also.

    Forget this chump - don't put yourself down EVER - and I'm sure that many nice boys would be actually nice to you - and treat you properly - but - get educated - because although you have other girls now who thinking getting a boyfriend is the be all and end all - it pays for every woman to be educated.

    Good luck!

    Its his loss - and your gain it seems.

    Give it 3 weeks - you will not care about what has just happened.

  6. suicidalbabe

    suicidalbabe Well-Known Member

    thanx for yur support. i guess yur rite i broke up with him and I feel a little bit better. Not much but it helps so yeah thanx again.
  7. Forgotten_Man

    Forgotten_Man Well-Known Member

    I agree that is why I only deal with lust. :D Lust is only annoying and easy to appease.

    Don't worry about it too much. Just ignore him when he seems to have needs. Better yet break up with him. He is clearly not helping you. Sometimes we need time to ourselves to really think.
  8. suicidalbabe

    suicidalbabe Well-Known Member

    Thanx I already broke up with him and it made me feel better, because the thought of me having control over my decisions for once makes me feel happy. I guess yur right once i got to thinking about our relationship and the things that happened, I realized that it wasnt really love at least not for reals. Now i dont think that we could have called itt love when all we ever did was fight and we were never really happy, atleast on my part. Umm so yeah thanx for yur support it really does help
  9. Forgotten_Man

    Forgotten_Man Well-Known Member

    :mhmm: Good for you...Wait... I gave a different friend the same advice and he held it against me for a couple of years...:dry:... Hmmm... :tongue:... well whatever. You seem to have a stronger grasp on your situation. My friend didn't, he sucks at grasping his situation due to his desperation.

    There are plenty of fish out there hun. So don't worry too much. Use this time to become happy on your own. :mhmm: then having someone to share it with will be a nice perk. Not a necessity... like it is for so many :dry:
  10. mother

    mother Member

    As you get older and experience more relationships you will realise how much effort you put into someone that was not worth it. One day you will KNOW you are in love. It is hard to explain it to someone that has never really been in love but you "JUST KNOW"

    Enjoy being single, enjoy any attention you may get, don't get wrapped up in too much drama, the right guy will come along and everything will seem easy.:wub:
  11. Stranger1

    Stranger1 Forum Buddy & Antiquities Friend

    Good for you kicking him to the curb..Now don't look back.. The right guy is out there..You deserve to be treated well..
  12. suicidalbabe

    suicidalbabe Well-Known Member

    thanx I will enjoy being single I realize that im a lot more happy rite now than I was with him. I feel like I'm free to be who I really am without him judging me nd trying to change me. Thanx for yur support it really means a lot to me. :)
  13. Forgotten_Man

    Forgotten_Man Well-Known Member

    That is definitely one of the benefits of being single.
  14. suicidalbabe

    suicidalbabe Well-Known Member

    Thanx yeah i kinda just got that. I feel alot more free now than I did when i was with him. I am free to write my poetry without him trying to stop me.
  15. Forgotten_Man

    Forgotten_Man Well-Known Member

    :tongue: I do miss getting my ex all riled up by doing something she did not approve of.... However, over time that loses its novelty. Enjoy the freedom, and soon some other guy will want in on your happiness.
  16. suicidalbabe

    suicidalbabe Well-Known Member

    I really doubt that will hapen anytime soon but thanx for your encouraging words :)
  17. Forgotten_Man

    Forgotten_Man Well-Known Member

    :biggrin:as long as you don't close your eyes to it. Chances are it will find you sooner than you think.
  18. suicidalbabe

    suicidalbabe Well-Known Member

    thanx i guess ill just have to keep my eyes open
  19. Gregor

    Gregor Active Member

    I don't mean to hijack your thread or anything but I came her to post about love too. I saw this thread and thought it would make a better reply than a new thread.

    I fell in love with a girl that was my best friend. Or at least, she was supposed to be. She knew how I felt about her and yet never respected my feelings at all. She'd tell me about guys she was sleeping with and flirt with guys when I was right there. The worst part is she would always lead me on. Telling me there "was a chance" that her and I could end up together.

    When I felt hurt and saddened by how she would act, she would insult me. Saying I was a needy, whiny baby. She called me a pathetic jealous loser and would laugh at me for crying. Then she went on to say how there was never any chance of me and her being together and that she never said there was. She lied and lead me on...friends don't do that. When one of our friends asked her why she didn't seem to care at all she simply said "I don't coddle people's unreasonable sensitivity."

    I still love her and wish that she cared about me enough to care how much she's hurting me. Even today she still insults me behind my back to other people (she doesn't talk to me anymore, she says I need to beg her for forgiveness for getting "emo" and jealous).

    She's made me feel like this horrible person. I feel worthless and often think the world would be a better place without me. One less scumbag. At this point I wonder if I did it, how she would react. She'd probably just laugh.
  20. sudut

    sudut Well-Known Member

    don't worry. it happens.
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