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    Love. I love a girl. She is an amazing girl who thinks nothing of herself, or at least not enough. I loved her so much it made me hurt. The pain felt good. Now it feels raw and decadant. Like rotten flesh. Everytime I say my feelings it hurts her more. My honesty makes her cry and my sincerity gives her more questions of my intentions. I don't think I can do anything anymore. I'm lost and maybe I deserve it for what I do. She would disagree and think it her own fault but I know better. Maybe the only thing I do know ha.
    I see pain all around me everyday and I ask myself what it's worth. It's worth maybe one more damn smile or a kiss or an ear or anything. But I doubt it now. I think this girl is alone and I can't help her. I can't do anything for the one girl I love. I'm going to ramble through life, and i'm gonig to be happy some days and sad some other, morose one day, ecstatic another, and i'm going to remember these past few months forever and say only this one thing.
    Love is the most healing and damaging, uplifting and depressing, solid and graspless thing I can imagine.
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    I really wish you'd never have to come to this conclusion.

    I don't know what else I can say. I'm crying now I've read this, because you don't deserve to feel this way. You deserve so very much to be happy in every single way.

    I know it's not much, but I am here for you always :hug:
  3. noplacetogo

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    it truly is...
  4. deep

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    God i didnt know u felt this way when i talk to you you always seem to cheer me up i didnt know you were hurting and i am sure this girl knows you love her very much, and there maybe miles and oceans between you but i bet she is glad to know you are there for her no matter how low she feels. You have a great heart pete and you think so much of others and i feel lucky to know and talk to you bounty hubby.

    Love is all thos things but is also a wonderful feeling and i think love is worth everything. :wink::flowers::hug::cupidhit:
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    Hey h2osmack,

    I am really sorry to hear about your situation, that must be very difficult for you. You don't deserve to feel like this because you are an awesome person, there's no doubt about that. Maybe this happened for you to grow, you should find yourself and focus on what you need. I hope you find someone who really loves you and cares about you to start a new life together.

    Take care :smile:
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    h2osmack thank you for loving.this world needs more people like you in it.whether or not your girl is able to accept your love has nothing to do with you.sometimes all one can do is love someone and set them free."If you love something set it free.If it comes back to you it is yours.If it doesn't,it was never meant to be." To love is to open oneself up to pain,rejection,loss,etc...but it also opens us up to the beauty that exists all around us,the pain that accompanies love is letting one know that they are at least alive to be hurt..
    when things have gone so wrong that you can no longer feel or accept love ...... well, don't ever stop loving.Please don't ever stop loving.
  7. StellarSparkle

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    What a beautiful and encouraging post Pegasus ! :smile:
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    Cheers everyone. You really put things into perspective for me. Pain is part of love and it isn't all bad if you struggle through it for a smile and a hug I guess.
    She is very special to me and I won't ever stop caring about her.
  9. Ur situation is one of about love and pain...!
    But if u think about it love someone u should be able to be feel the pain..not necessary from the one u love..but it's just like that ..the pain means sacrifice for love!!!