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    So this has been such a confusing, yet amazingly perfect, time, and it's to much to really try and explain...wish I had the patience to try, and I thought anyone would understood. I'm in love with a wonderful woman(J), and she loves me just as much. In gaining her love I also gained her partner's(S) love...which is the part that is complicated, confusing, hard to explain part. The part I don't think people will get. But bottom line is the 3 of us have decided to try and make a life together, and the thing is I think it could work. I'm a pessimist, and if anyone came to me with the same situation I would never think it would work. But the 3 of us are just so balanced together, just so well matched, and communicate so well, that I truely believe it can work, despite statistics and what society says. J calls me and S her yin and yang, we make her complete, even ho she can't explain how/why, it just is so. She gave us a card for easter saying that...I wish I could remember more of it, it made me cry it was so beautiful. She said we were perfect in our imperfections...i like that...Perfect in my imperfections...We've decided to get right hand rings with each others birthstones in it, so we can have a little bit of each other with us always, to signify our devotion to each other, our commitment to love each other and always be there for each other. My love for S is different than my love for J, I love S really deeply, but I'm "in love" with J, so at times it gets a little hard to balance everthing. But because we communicate SO well it's not been a problem yet. S and I respect each other enough to realize to give each other time with J, and neither one of us gets jealous.

    I don't know if this will last forever, I'm not blind to the fact that it's going to be really hard at times, but I realized last night that I am really happy right that's all that matters right? live for the moment, it might be my last.

    I tried explaining as best I could but I'm sure it's confusing and doesn't make much sense. I'd like to hear opinions/thoughts from you guys...
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    I cant completely understand what you are saying

    Have been a in similar situation myself, only it never really got off the ground, for various reasons, it might do in the future, who knows, but 2 guys and 1 women, is always going to be a strain, the key thing is comunication, saying the things that you feel, being open and honest with each other, all the time, even when its hard.

    In my case, I am in love with the other guy, he is in love with the girl, she wanted me, but I'm in love with him, so she is sleeeping with him instead, the other guy doesn't really have those sort of feeling for me, so I did the gemtlemanly thing and walked away, my god it hurts, it really really hurts, two people I cared about, so wrapped up in each other, I don't think they have even noticed I have dropped out of their lives yet.

    So if it works for you, if the three of you can be happy together, if you really are 3 pieces of the same puzzle, then why not, who am I or anyone else for that matter to judge, no body

    I'm in love with another guy, but want a straight relationship, so for me, right now, it would be the perfect thing, making it work is the hard part, but if the other guy in my case, isnt 100% into it, cos I know the girl is, then there is no point.

    My best advice, do what makes you happy and stuff any one else, you have to live your life not them, as long as you are all happy and no one gets hurt along the way, then what does it matter

    I my case, the three of us all have different flaws, each of us brings something the other is lacking into our lives, so when we are together, we really do make three peices of the same puzzle, the picture is complete.
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    Just thought I'd give an far everything is going amazingly good...we are all very happy :).