Loved, but not lost...just unattainable.

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    I have feelings for a girl, who I cant have feelings for, because of morality, law, church...what ever.

    I get too look at her everyday, knowing I can never have her the way I want her. I want to run my fingers through her hair, touch her face and tell her how beautiful she is, hold her and tell her that she deserves only the best. Even if its better than I could ever give her. I want to kiss her all over and tell her I've always loved her, since the day I met her and have only grown more attached. She is hurting similar to the way I am, I want to take her pain and burden myself with it all so she can be happy. I want to be her first and only, I want to be the one she goes to when she needs help, I just want to be hers, and her mine.

    I want to tell her, but I cant...