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  1. Elle.

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    I don't know where to start.

    I'll just begin by saying there's this guy I've always hated, and he's always been in love with me. It's been so bad that it came to a point where he'd leave parties when I arrived and he'd cry about me with friends. To be honest this made me dislike the guy even more.

    Then something strange happened. During classes in school I'd stare at him a lot and he'd look back and enitre periods went by where we'd just be looking at eachother secretly.

    Well I started liking him, and even more so after a school trip. Anyway, I couldn't confess because my ego was too damn big and my friends really find him a loser. I don't mind that now at all, since over the past holidays I've been cutting off from my friends. But now the guy has a girl friend and she's gorgeous. I'm too late for anything if I was even thinking of confessing.

    I don't even know if it's even the right thing for him to be with me, considering my attitude in the past. Also, he definitely thinks I like him now suddenly because he's seeing someone and because he's completely changes the way he looks and acts for me. But I liked him for longer than anyone can possibly guess...

    Sorry for the huge ramble I know I should just deal with it etc.

    Just writing as a relief really.. comments are welcome however.

  2. mandyj101

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    hey there ..

    i guess its made harder because he now has a gf .. mabye just give them some distance and see what happens? im sure if he likes u more than this other girl .. then he wont persue being with her ..

    sorry if this doesnt help .. :hug:
  3. Silvio

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    Yea, heaps of people experience that, love coming outta no where, without a warning.
    Ask yourself this. Is he really worth it? If so, well he has a girlfriend, but that doesn't mean you can't have friends from the opposite sex right? So I'd say befriend the guy, spend time with him,share intimate details of you life with conversation, but avoid the physical stuff.
    ONLY DO "FRIENDS" STUFF, if he says you like him, deny it, eventually if you keep at it, he will start liking you more and most likely in time will dump his gf for you. This is definitely not gonna be a fast process, so question is, is he really worth all the trouble and the time investment?
    If not, then just move on, to the readily available guys.
    Also if you're young, it could just be an infatuation, you might like a few traits of his on the surface, but do you know him really well? There's that to consider too. I'm just giving you the choices to choose from, the rest is up to you.
    All the best.
  4. cult logic

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    Sounds to me that you're just jealous that he's no longer head over heels for you.

  5. Tray

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    at one point in my life i hesitated to act on my emotions and as a result i missed out on possibly being with someone who may have been perfect for me. As you can see i still regret it.

    I dont know how cosmic your situation is. but i think if its important to you and you feel strongly about it then just give it a try. Tell him how you feel.
  6. Kjetil

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    Sounds like he used to be desperately in love with you.
    I've been in that situation myself, when I was in high school. I tried to make her look at me for 2 years, until I finally gave up. It hurt a lot. Then I met someone else, and it all changed.

    I guess what I'm trying to say is that if two people are in love with each other, nothing can stop them. In this case it seems he has broken free from the pain that "one way love" is. :)