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    Hey people.

    I have been diagnosed with numerous (sometimes conflicting) mental illness including depression, double depression, psychosis (drug induced and not) etc etc.

    I have lived with the persistent thought of death for more than 25 years. I have not seriously attempted death since i was a teenager when i had 2 failed attempts ).i have 'encouraged' risk though.

    I have lived a 'living death' for this time - I have been celibate, I have alienated both friends and family, I have wasted my 'potential', I have erased my future.

    Now I am totally alone, I can avoid anyone 'mourning' my passing and i never wanted some poor soul to happen across my lifeless body whilst they walked their dog, or a bus/train driver always wondering if it could have been avoided, or a cleaning lady making minimum wage wandering into
    But, i want my death. I OWN my death.

    But I'm a nice guy - I don't want to get anyones shoes messy...

    (My preference is for a XXXX where the locals are de-sensitized if not ok with clearing up my mess)XXXXXXX

    I welcome any serious replies, thanks.
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