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  1. I was on here a few months ago... got better for a while but have been depressed the entire time - just some times are better than others. Lately, I have been having a lot of panic attacks and just feeling like life is just all pain. I feel completely alone. I had a really messed up childhood, but mainly my problem now is that I'm stuck in a relationship with a guy who I am sure doesnt love me anymore and is constantly abusing me emotionally - I can be crying in front of him and he'll just call me names and tell me to go f*** myself. I know he is really bad for me and I want to leave him and just live my life without him but I feel like I can't - it's like I am imprisoned by my feelings for him - I wish I didn't have them.
    We came close to a breakup several months ago and I almost killed myself - I thought I could handle it but I couldn't. I feel like my life is only 2 options:
    1- live with him and just put up with everythign even though its so painful
    2- kill myself
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    #3...work on yourself and when you are ready to leave you will...you deserve to feel good about yourself and I hope you find that within you...big hugs
  3. That's kinda what I've been trying to do since our near breakup a few months ago - I was trying to gather my strength, gain some weight so that I could leave him. But I've only gotten weaker, lost more weight. I also feel like all this has taken a major toll on my looks which makes me feel even worse about myself..
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