Low self asteem stopping me

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    Well I am in a pickle. I am starting to feel depressed again after years of being on Seroxat, Lusteral, Mirtazapine, Diazepam etc... I have been off them now for a while little slip up on Diazepam lately, habbits die hard.

    I have had a revalation, I am unhappy because I am lonely, in the friend sence aswell I dont have many. But also in relationships, thats why I am sad.Also jealous of people who are or who want to be in a relationship. Because I have such low self asteem I cant even talk about being in a relationship and I get jealous of people who activly want to be in one. (This is REALLY hard to word) I have always had low self asteem mainly to do with my body, and whenever someone has come close to me I push them away because I fear they will reject me. And the lack of friends means I have no one to fall back on when I get "rejected" (Yes I know not very positive).

    I have too much to say I could go on forever and write a novel:rolleyes:
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    :biggrin: It's fine to write novels. I do it all the time here.

    You sound like you have a lot of ideas why you find it difficult to form relationships.

    What is it about your body that you don't like? What do you fear if someone came close to you, what do you think would happen?

    Do you have any ideas where you could meet people and find friends? What is it that prevents you from finding or forming friendships, do you think?
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    Well I always seem to feel empty like there is something missing, if I were to be in a relationship and have lots of friends I still think I would feel empty. I dont know why this is?!? Maybe its something deeper. I just feel really bad at the moment, I get very jealous (This is a big thing, I want to add the word pathalogical infront of it:tongue:) of people and have recently started crying alot again. It all leads to me being insecure but I dont know why I am insecure. I am tempted to get an appointment to see a specialist Psychologist at the Priory Hospital. I can only evaluate myself to a certain extent:tongue:

    With my body? umm my eyebrows, hair loss (I'm 19!!) body hair everything really. I just feel that no one in their right mind would find me attractive and when they see my body they wont like me anymore.

    Friendship wise, I think I fear forming a close (Friend) relationship with someone and then something happening like us suddenly growing distant for what ever reason. I tend to buy people things when I am friends with them, like I try to buy friendship.

    I'm not too good at explaining things so this is a bit of a fractured post.
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    I know exactly how you feel! Please PM me and I'll tell you how I got over my problems.
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    hey .. how are you doing right now? That is a vicious circle you talk about there, or whatever the term is - somehow you're going to need to start with yourself, you can't rely on others to give you good self esteem. If you have low self esteem you will automatically fear rejection, been there and done it, and you need to try and do something to get out of it. Maybe write some things that are good about yourself, and don't tell me there isn't anything good about yourself, I'm sure there is.