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  1. _Lily_

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    The psych who i saw a week or so ago decided that my velfaxine should be lowered so i take it once a day am unsure of how much its went down by
    because he feels i should only take it once a day and that its slow release
    Am already feeling low and suicidal and this is my first day on them like this .
    I see my dr in 3 weeks time and i will say to her that i am feeling even more depressed ...
    I know that medication cant do everything and that i have to do some of it myself ...so am not sure if it just me being me o its the fact that my meds have been dropped down .
    Today all i did was eat ...Feel so fat and disgusting now because i binged
    Also feel like cutting as well
    My husband said i should put on happier music on apart from slipknot and linkin park but i dont want to listen to happy music makes me want to hurt myself more listening to that shit ...
    I know my husband keeps the pills locked away so i cant get them ...there has been times when he has forgotten about the keys for it Some times i wish he forget them again so i can od on pills

    for now am some what safe
  2. FrainBart

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    Medication doesn't usually have an immediate effect on a decrease. It would take a few days for your body to adjust to the change in medication. When we get into a routine with anything (including medication) our body craves it to complete is imprinted routine of doing something at specific time, to the point where we feel that something is not right due to not fulfilling the daily routine as normal.
    Try and keep yourself distracted off the thought of being on a reduced medication, the less you think on it the less likely you are to worry, and feel like you need it.
    You always have us here if you do need someone to talk to, and more often than not you'll be able to find someone to chat to in chat, should you want to :hug:
    I am glad you are safe for now, make sure to take good care of yourself, and hopefully things will ease up in time, and the suicidal thoughts lessen.
  3. _Lily_

    _Lily_ Forum Buddy

    Still feel like cutting but i have been keeping myself busy for most of the day just have to make it until bed time...that's if i can sleep
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