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  1. neon666

    neon666 Active Member

    NOt saying I want to try it..but does any1 here know how it feels? like what happens?

    i know you have illusoins
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  2. manicmonday

    manicmonday Active Member

    Hi neon,

    It's different for each person, and is different even for that person each time. I've had bizarre hallucinations as well as just a mellow feeling. One thing that does seem to be common though is heightened senses, which can be good or bad.

    It's basically extremely unpredictable - it depends on the strength and how it's taken as well as things like recent food intake, body hydration, how tired you are, even your expectations affect it. Oh, and you have no control over it - like pot and other things, even speed, you have a certain element of control. If you're going too high there are things you can do to counteract it. Not LSD - it's going to take you where it's going to take you and you're just along for the ride. In fact, if you start fighting it or getting weirded out, it can take you places you really don't want to go.

    I still have no idea if we crossed over into Mexico one night 33 years ago. I remember coming up to the border patrol, which wouldn't have been necessary if we weren't going over, but the next day the guys swear we didn't. Course I have no reason to believe them - we'd only met a couple days before. I was as helpless as a newborn kitten - hell, they could have sold me in Mexico and I wouldn't have known until much much too late.

  3. raw

    raw Senior Member & Antiquities Friend


    Having some few experiences with it in my youth, it seems manicmonday's description was very accuate. I am not going to tell horror stories about it, because it doesn't help and no one believes them. But I would make a couple of points to consider. First, the drugs sold as lsd or other hallucinagens are not what they claim to be. Second, I presently have a diagnosis which includes psychosis. LDS causes psychotic like states. Given that I know what my psychosis is like, I can't imagen why anyone would want to experience it.

  4. theleastofthese

    theleastofthese SF Friend Staff Alumni

    I can agree with many of the points made by the previous posts, but must add that my own personal experiences with it - and they are many - were always enjoyable. I've never had "a bad trip". After taking it so many times, tho, I have to admit that it became sort of boring and I quit taking it.

    Another point to consider is whether or not it is pure. Most you'll find 'on the street' is NOT pure lysergic acid diathylamide (spelling?), and much of it contains speed. I also am speaking of years ago, nothing more recent than fifteen years ago, and I don't know what's out there now and what it's like. The best trip I ever took was given me by a friend (who was a Chemistry major) who made it himself and it was 100% pure. The only effects were inside my head, no physical symptoms of anything - only thoughts and visions traveling at the speed of light. Amazing.:eek:hmy: :blink:

    I will not tell you 'do' or 'don't' as it's your business and there are no guarantees in that kind of business. If you should decide to try it be sure of a few things: the quality of what you're taking; having a trusted friend or two around you in case you need help; and a completely safe and undisturbed/undisturbing environment in which to do it. It would also be a good idea to do some research first - read up on it all you can. Once you take it, the trip is underway and you may not be able to stop it or 'get off the train', so to speak. Be careful if you do it. Back in the hippie-heyday of which I was a joyful part, there were far fewer unscrupulous people involved in the making and distribution of such chemicals.


    PS; a good read is THE DOORS OF PERCEPTION by Aldous Huxley, the author of BRAVE NEW WORLD.
  5. manicmonday

    manicmonday Active Member

    <grins> at raw and theleastofthese

    wheww those were some wild times, eh? The first time I dropped was 1971 - the side trip into Mexico, (or not). My family and I had just moved to CA, and 3 days later I took off hitchhiking. I planned on being back for my dad to pick me up from school, but ran into 2 guys who were around 20, 21, also hitching. They asked if I wanted to go too, I asked where, they said keywest, I said sure. Can you imagine how insane that must have made my folks?! I'm 15, go to school, and simply disappear, and they've only been in the state for 3 days. btw, why was the term "dropped" used? Is it because it was actually a liquid that was originally dropped onto your tongue?

    Anyway, the second night we've got a good ride and one of them hands me a microscopic bit of orange nothing to swallow. I laughed and said it wouldn't do a thing! They had some of that high quality orange sunshine fresh out of Calif, and the hits were about the size of the circles next to the icons I can see below this post. They gave me 1/4 of about this much---> o

    Remember Timothy Leary and his friend Richard Alpert, who was a college professor? They claim they did thousands of hits of acid. Then Richard Alpert became Ram Dass - an awesome man I had the honor to meet.

    least - I think they got kind of bored with it also. Like you, I never had a bad trip, but I had a few out-of-control ones where I was in and out of reality a lot. Jeez...makes me wonder what my body was doing during those times I left me, and where I went. Very strange. I bet your chemistry friend was popular. <g>

    Definitely! Hell, lots of them took pride in their <cough> craft - making a buck was only a part of it rather than the main goal.

    I wouldn't trade those years for anything, but the reality is that I'm lucky I wasn't picked up hitchhiking by Manson, or horribly murdered. I was exactly the type of girl he looked for - young, lost, searching, unhappy. The reality also is that my memory conveniently eliminates the unpleasant, painful stuff, so I keep 1 or 2 of those memories close to the surface to remind me that that time period was pretty much the beginning of the end of my life for the next 30 years. And that knowledge brings profound sadness at the waste.

    peace, manicmonday
  6. theleastofthese

    theleastofthese SF Friend Staff Alumni


    Yeah, those were the days, were they not?:rolleyes: :wink: I miss that era, now that we're in the "me me me" days and it seems we're also in the "apathy era" as well. Nobody gives a good shit about anything but themselves, it seems.:sad:

    There must have been an angel sitting on my shoulder back in those carefree days else I wouldn't be here to tell it today.:rolleyes:

    Read THE DOORS OF PERCEPTION if you haven't already. (That's where the rock group The Doors got their name) It's a great read.

    peace back at ya - peace, love, and rock and roll!:wink:


    PS; I was invited to Woodstock in 69 as I was in NYC at the time, but turned it down as I can't tolerate large crowds... kind of wish I'd gone, tho...
  7. resistance

    resistance Staff Alumni

    I've never taken LSD because I've heard so much bad stuff about it and I fear it. Of course you get good trips but you can also get bad trips which can screw you up. I have read quite a bit about it and I learnt that if you experience a bad trip you can be haunted about it for a while after in flashbacks, for example. It depends a lot on the company you are with, the mood you're in and the situation, I believe.

    I've found some good info about it you may like to read:
    LSD - Basics
    LSD - Effects
    LSD - Psychedelic Experiences
    LSD - Dangers
    LSD - Addiction
    LSD - Mixing with other drugs
    LSD - FAQ (very helpful)

    They are off the same site but I thought I'd post them individually incase you wanna go back to them or something. Take care.
  8. manicmonday

    manicmonday Active Member

    ooooo awesome! I must be just a bit younger - I was only 13, and although I lived next door in Vt, I wouldn't have had any interest. There'll never be anything even close to Woodstock again. That's not to say it or the era was perfect, simply that nation- and history-changing events happened during the 60's, the magnitude of which I don't think we'll see again, and more importantly, the ways the changes were made. Common, everyday people said they didn't like what the government was doing, didn't like Nixon's sneaky ways, and protested en masse. It was so large that govt had to take notice. You're right - it certainly wasn't "what will this do for me?" it was "how will this help my brother or sister?"

    I watched a documentary on those years not long ago. Actually a series of them, inter-related. One program was called The Drug Years, and talked about so many people trying drugs, LSD and its sudden popularity, Leary, etc. Drugs then were used to (such a cliche, but true) expand our consciousness. We looked for the beauty in the experience and savored it. Then something changed, and we just wanted to get high and escape. This documentary had a lot of famous people like the Stones' manager, famous authors from the time, friends of Leary, etc They said the defining moment - the moment that changed history once more and pretty much killed the love, was a Rolling Stones concert in which Mick had hired Hell's Angels to be concert security. He wasn't particular - just said keep the crowd in line. Those Angel's beat the shit out of a bunch of people, and killed one black man who tried to get up on stage. The Angel who did it went to prison and was out and interviewed for this documentary. The Angels had nothing but anger for the Stones, cuz Mick basically said do what you have to, and when they did and things went bad, he kind of disowned them. He shouldn't have hired them in the first place, but I spose he was getting off on being outrageous, raising the bar. Anyway, I thought that was pretty interesting.

  9. manicmonday

    manicmonday Active Member

    Thanks, resistance - I'm going to check that out myself. I'd forgotten about the flashback side effect. Something else I remember was that there was a huge warning about it "damaging your chromosomes". You never knew if that would happen from taking it once, or 50 times. But your children had good chance of being deformed. Don't know how true that was or if it was scare tactics. I'd guess most chemicals have at least a small chance of messing us up.

    thanks again!

  10. ...Scott...

    ...Scott... Guest

    acid and speed are both like riding shooting stars through the milky way....when you get a good trip all your senses are like an x can hear someone breathing in th ehouse next door, every colour is brighter and dazzles you....every smell is overwhelming......things are so beautiful you hav eto close your eyes cus it hurts to look at them......

    when you have a bad trip it cant stop it and you see your worst nightmares like they're real.....they can cause you to hurt yourself and yeah you can get flashbacks so bad you wanna die.
  11. type1

    type1 Member

    dont know if some1 has already put it cause i cant be arsed 2 read everythin, but its a very very bad idea 2 take it if u are depressed or anythin like that, even if u only have a lsight problem thats playin on your mind a bit its still a bad idea, the 1st time i did it was absolutely amazing, every just looked so beatifull, the euphoria was so intense, it was 1 of the best expweriences of my life due 2 being with the right person at the right time n in the right place, the 2nd time however was the worst day of my life, it was so horrible i cant even describe it, everything was just wrong, it wasa nightmare, havent done it again since then, which was about a year ago due 2 being scared of another bad trip, but im thinkin about doin it again soon as i reckonj id be able 2 handle it now, but only when the times right.
  12. goop

    goop Active Member


    Heres some info that is highly useful and highly recommended

    If your wondering about what to expect then this info is HIGHLY informative and often entertaining.

    Try reading the 'bad trips', 'health problems' 'Train Wrecks & Trip Disasters'

    If you want to trip but never have, then LSD is not a good entry point.

    Salvia Divinorum is good (and legal). Its short acting (15 mins) and is a good entry point for the discerning psychonaught. (brilliant for depression to)

    Thats a good intro to the 'psychadelics'

    Magic mushrooms are great as you can control the dose. Its mushroom season in the UK now and liberty caps can be found in abundance up the hills. Mushies are now class A's though. Bummer.

    Anyway, there loads of great info on erowid.

    Also, if you have any mental health problems....

    'psychedelics' have been likened to pouring petrol on a fire....

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  13. Montage

    Montage Well-Known Member

    is this really appropriate??
  14. goop

    goop Active Member

    your dead right. Knowledge is power. Neuter the masses!

    shit joke.

    My brain chemicals are mine to fuck up... alas my brain is my property. If i nuke my brain- then i have to live with it. If others want to interupt there 'frequencies'... and play russian roulette..

    your spot on and im sorry. Its not appropriate to present people with information that could lead to a melted brain and the long term health problems. Thats why in post 12 i suggested this

    "Try reading the 'bad trips', 'health problems' 'Train Wrecks & Trip Disasters'"



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  15. greenk

    greenk New Member

    what is the drug that acts as an antidote tot eh effects of lsd?

    i know it exists i saw it on house...
  16. Bette

    Bette Guest

    Never did it.

    Wanted to try it, and my friends said "Pffffff. No way you'll ruin our trip. You're the kind of person it will have adverse effects on". So, I'd watch them do purple microdot. You see that awful look on someone's face having a bad trip, man that's enough to make ya never do it.

    I know three seperate people who now unfortunately live on the street thanks to the acid back in the day. All highly intelligent people too. Schizophrenia is diagnosed for all of them. I don't know if that's correct or not, as in diagnosis, but I'd skip it weather I was blasting through the Milky Way or not.
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