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  1. Elleyisnami

    Elleyisnami Guest

    My dreams dont make much sense to me they are very inconsistent,
    like one day I dreamed of purple wavy beams in my brain. Or how my non existent boss had every customer at a company I never worked for in his belly.
    I rarely ever dream about happy things and when I do they never come back.
    I dream I was in Japan attend a school for music, but I like art...dont ask me why. I dream of being chased by deadly mutated bugs or venomous snakes. Someday's I dont dream at all... but when i dont dream I cant tell the days apart. I dont take any medication it weird.
  2. johnnysays

    johnnysays Well-Known Member

    Your dreams make sense to me. Especially the one where your nonexistent boss eats his customers.

    You always dream, you just don't rememember all of them :)

    I think ti's like life. Many days are so repetitious that we don't remember them. Other days are set apart from the others because memorable events happen. That's how we remember them. Since they peak our interest, more areas of the brain light up and create associated memories to increase recall. I wonder if the same thing happens in dreams? I suspect it does.
  3. jakesaysrelax

    jakesaysrelax Member

    I have lucid dreams all the time, but for me when I have these kind of dreams it makes my days seem to go together.
    My dreams get really weird and other times they're really good. But the thing is that I wake up and can't remember if I actually was driving around with my friend or if I just dreamed it.
    Has that ever happened to you?
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