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  1. Do you know/listen to any lullaby? I love this one from Alvin & the chipmunks:

    Close your eyes little one
    Say goodnight little one
    Stars in the sky
    You have no fear
    Cause when you wake
    I will be here


    Just can't get it out of my head. :laugh:
  2. ~PinkElephants~

    ~PinkElephants~ Senior member

    When I used to nanny for this little boy I actually wrote one for him so everytime at naptime I'd sing it to him:

    Another day is ending
    The sun is setting
    Another night is breaking through
    The moon is shining
    The stars are twinkling
    Twinkling in the sky
    Hush Hush Sweet Baby
    Don't cry
    Close your eyes
    Close your eyes
    Rest your head
    Close your eyes
    Close your eyes
    It's time for bed

    Surprisingly it always put him to sleep.
  3. powder_girl

    powder_girl Active Member

    You know what...I actually think that Camel's music has a beautiful lulling tone to it...if you don't like the lyrics or pay too much attention to the words then you may find yourself engrossed in too many thoughts (Camel has LYRICS, I'm telling you) but just concentrate on his voice and the soothing way it's deep and a little rusty and a little soft...

    I can sleep to anything from Camel, Anathema, Pink Floyd and the only reason why is because I associate it with my old bf who slept with that music every night no matter what and I slept comfortably with him.

    But lullabies...I love singing to myself lullabies I make up << :)
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