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My doctors are still trying to find out exactly what's wrong with me. It's either Bipolar II or Clinical Depression, or something in this area. Anyways, I've not told anyone until now....

I know risky sex is one of the symptoms of Bipolar. What about Lustful taste?

how embarrassing:unsure:


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"lustful taste"? I'm afraid I don't know what you mean... :-|

Risky sex can be a 'symptom' of bipolar disorder because when you are at the 'manic' end of the spectrum you don't care about the consequences of your actions. If by 'lustful taste' you just mean lots of, erm, horny sexual thoughts towards people then that wouldn't be to do with bipolar disorder. The reason promiscuous sex can be a symptom is because it's risky (STIs, pregnancy, etc).

It's odd that your doctors aren't sure whether you have bipolar disorder or unipolar depression... they are distinctly different illnesses. I've heard of people being diagnosed as having rapid-cycle bipolar and then the diagnosis being changed to some kind of personality disorder, but the difference between unipolar and bipolar depression is huge.

The doctors think I am a slow cycler. That I'm depressed for weeks at a time, then have a brief period of hypo mania. At least that's the current diagnosis.

The reason I ask about the Lust thing is it seems to occur relative to my mood swings. When I'm transitioning from either mania, do depression, to severe depression, in any order, the lust increases. Once I am in one for a fixed period then it goes away, to where it's pretty much nonexistent.


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Could it be coincidental?

It makes sense for your appetite for sex to noticably increase as you go from depressed to manic, because usually when people are depressed they have very little sex drive. However, it seems odd for your sexual appetite to increase as you go from manic to depressed.

But I could be completely wrong... I don't have bipolar disorder, and I don't personally know anyone who really does. What I know about it I only know through my reading, my psychology lessons, and general research.

Maybe someone else can give you a better answer.

Take care :hug:.


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Depending on if you are on any meds now. Some meds decrease your libido others none. Check side effect before you start a new one.

Docs could be hesitant to Dx due to fear of prescribing the wrong medications. It may just take time or do a mood calendar at home to show them what you feel everyday to help them to see.

If you are male, you may have hormonal periods. Both sexes have it, I have read. Increasing your moodiness or 'lusty thoughts'.

Why do you assume that the lusty thoughts are part of a mental dx? It could just be normal heavy human desire?

I am male (26), and have heard of the male hormonal thing before. I think it's mental dx because it is ALWAYS during a transition (going either way) When I'm depressed, it goes away 100%. When I'm "manic", I guess you would say it's normal or slightly elevated. But when I transition it goes up to the stereotypical myth of thinking about sex every 2-3 seconds. I've been on so many various meds I've lost count. I'm on four right now. However, these thoughts have been going on, in this manner, for the last oh....3-4 years that I can remember.
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