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Discussion in 'Poet's Corner' started by Ninja, Oct 4, 2007.

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  1. Ninja

    Ninja Active Member

    Here are some love poems I've wrote to my girlfriend. :)
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  2. Ninja

    Ninja Active Member

    I love you so much
    I wish I was there
    Just missing your touch
    Just missing your stare
    I want you to know
    You’re my only one
    I’ll make love to you
    Till the morning sun
    Just thinking of when
    The time we first kissed
    Memories of then
    Will always be missed
    No matter how long
    No matter how far
    I’ll hear you’re sweet song
    Played on your guitar
    But one day we’ll be
    Together again
    If I can only see
    Your sweet smile again
    I miss you so much
    I’ll show you I care
    By kissing you a bunch
    While stroking your hair
    You know how I feel
    I’ll love you forever
    One love so real
    Forever together

    I love you Elizabeth
  3. Ninja

    Ninja Active Member

    The night is young
    We’re having fun
    The lights all around
    The music’s only sound
    Touching and twirling
    My heart starts a swirling
    As we’re on the dance floor
    I couldn’t ask for nothing more
    Just holding and touching caressing your love
    A heavenly evening sent from God above
    I watch your eyes as they follow mine
    Our love will keep dancing till the end of time.
  4. Ninja

    Ninja Active Member

    I love you my dear
    There’s nothing to fear
    Not even in darkness
    Whenever I’m near

    I care for you so
    But I’m sure you know
    After our talking
    Over the phone

    Your eyes are a rose
    Which always shows
    Your feelings for me
    With their loving glow

    I’ve been waiting for this
    Your presence I miss
    You’ll feel my affection
    With this tender kiss
  5. Ninja

    Ninja Active Member

    (this one's written sort of phonetically and I did it with a latin accent for hershe's half Puerto Rican)

    One senorita
    I can’t wait to meet hea’
    I’ve seen her in pictures
    And letters I’ve wrote

    One thing led to others
    Now I’d have no other
    Hard to believe
    I have the girl from afar

    Through pictures that I’ve seen
    The girl seen in my dreams
    I have her to hold her
    With care in my arms

    Latina Suprima
    No longer I dreama
    Of holding her nearly
    As night passes on

    This life we-za livin
    And constantly givin
    Each other our passion
    We constantly share
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