Lying to friends about going to NJ Pride

Discussion in 'Family, Friends and Relationships' started by Rainbow90, Jun 3, 2010.

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    I have a huge problem. I want to go to NJ pride on Sunday by myself. I am 19. I am going to meet up with some people from the internet. I am only out of the closet to one person so I will tell my parents I am hanging out with my friends. I have 2 best friends and Jen knows I am gay. We always hang out but we have been busily lately. We always know if someone is at work or in class or with family. I told Jen I want to go but I dont know how to tell Jackie. I could say I have hw but she will be like we can hang out after and pride is basically all day so I cant lie to her like that. I saw family last weekend and said because of seeing them then I wont have to for a while so I could hang out with them the next time my parents would want me to see relatives. I cant just say I am busy. I really want to go to Pride but I dont want to tell Jackie and she always knows what I am doing.
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    I've had the same problem before. went to pride in Kansas City and my mom called me so I had to make something up as to where I actually was. As for what you should do.... if it were me I would just tell your friend. If she really cares about you as a person she won't hold it against you in any way. Or if you wanted to you could just tell her you're going to pride but not mention that you yourself aren't straight. I know there is lots of straight people that go to pride to just support the LGBT community.
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    Still, it is a little suspicious.

    I plan on lying to my parents to go, but I am a world class champion of hiding where I am from them.
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    I am with Josh I would seems to be eating at you a bit, the not being able to be 100% honest, so I say that you mention you are going and if asked why then say what you feel to be the truth as best you can whether it be to support the community, true, or because your gay and want to support the community, also true.
    It is hard coming out I know but it is a part of you and if this friend is truly a good friend you will be accepted. I know of one friend that was hesitant to tell another friend and when they finally did it went great as the other friend was really questioning their own sexual orientation and they were able to support each other on a new level, a level both had been afraid to approach you never know and to be honest if my friend was not going to accept me I would not be able to continue the is a big part of who I am is all.
    Hope this helps in some small way and good luck-we are here for you.