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I can't stand it. I don't want to go into it really, but I can't stand lying. I don't want it anywhere in my life. I can't stand looking someone in the eye and blurring the truth. I can't stand those suddle flat out lies. I can't stand any part of a structure that encompasses a lie. I feel so bad like a guilty failure. I hate it. I hate it so much. There's no venting forgivness for lying, there's no justification for most lying. It's a bastard poison that I have to accept. I spread a happyness built on a lie. Even though the lying is inconsequental.. I cant stand it. I hate it. Another reason I am going to change my life. I can't live like this, lying. Even if it is a weak non-important lie that helps a flow go, I don't want it. I dont want deciet anywhere in my life. I don't want falsity in my life. I don't want IT at all. I will not feel comfortable about this and I never will allow myself to feel comfortable about this. I hate it. And I am so sorry for lying


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Blake huni, I am confused. What do you think you are lying about?

Is it some sort of defense mechanism?

btw, I've been meaning to give you my MSN if u want it. Let me know.

I want to be there for you as you have for me.



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Thanks angie.. I donno it's just stupid tbh. I just cant take lying cause I can only speak from my heart and when I lie it hurts alot.

Sure id love you msn if you get the chance, ill ask you next time I see you in chat x


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I feel very much the same. I feel terribly bad, guilty, horrible, useless, when I lie and even sometimes when I haven't and I'm worried people suspect me of lying. I find it very insulting to my intelligence when somebody lies to me so I do my best not to do it myself. If there's one thing I hate just as much as liars it's hypocrites and I don't intend on being one of those either.

That aside, I think it's a great thing that you feel that way about lies.. too many people do it without thinking or caring about the consequences and people end up hurt. You should take pride in yourself for wanting to be honest with people and work hard at it to achieve just that.


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Thanks avarice.
I just kinda want to say I don't lie to anyone here, or lie about myself in general to people in person. And the things I have lied and am lying about are really not that big of a deal,... but I hate them just the same.

Yeah I know what you my hypocrites, I can't be done with them. Perhaps that's one of my biggest fears is that this is going to lead to a hypocrisy in who I am and how I want to live. But the worst is decieving people. It's .. ugly. It's vile and it's the worst sort of flow transfer ever.
I donno. It's not for me.
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