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I found this story very sad, especially it is mine.

My therapist told me I need to make friends. He told me too to go to the staff party to face my fear of drunk people.

So, I will go to the whole thing tomorrow (supper, movie, party) for those 2 things. So far, everything he asked me to do has been good for me.

But then, I have to lie to my husband about it. Why ? Because spouses are invited and he would like to come, but I do not want.

It is hard to make friends because he wants to be part of every part of my life and it is exactly what the therapist said : we need a little bit of separated time (I feel it too, as my husband does not work, so he is all the time there and sometimes I feel I need a brake).

I find it sad when I have to lie to him about stuff to avoid arguments. And believe me, it is not the first lie and not the last one. But what is even more sad is he does not see what helps me go through my difficult times.
I think you just need to sit down with your husband and expain to him that sometimes you need a little space to make friends. I too hate lying, I feel bad about it for most of the day and it just makes me feel awful. Your husband should be very understanding of your situation and hopefully supportive.
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