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  1. I have two friends. Oh sorry, HAD two friends. They were very very good friends. then they got into a fight. I felt sucked into the middle. But I managed to stay out of it anyway as I loved them both and didn't want to pick a side. Then things happened between them and Friend 1 started accusing Friend 2 of pushing other people into suicide, which was not true at all. I got mad at Friend 1, but she explained it and I understood it was a misunderstanding. Friend 2 however wasn't that forgiving. Their fight got worse and worse until at one point Friend 1 said some really really hurtful things to Friend 2, in public on a messageboard even. Friend 2 got so hurt that she's now decided to take distance from every online friendship she has, including me. I love Friend 2 SO FUCKING MUCH, people on here know, cos I talk about her quite a lot. It's K. So much love for her is in my heart and now she's fucking taking distance from me cos of Friend 1.

    I'm now very very very very very very very mad at Friend 1, I can't even express how mad.

    urgh I can't even be bothered to post any more of this shit. grmpf.
  2. How can people be so cruel that they even ruin other people's friendship just because they lost a friendship theirselves? Can jealousy and anger really drive human beings that far??????
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    Hun im probably the last person you wanna talk to right now but i felt i had to say something at least because I know how much you care for K. I know how much you care for both of them especially K. We can all see how much you love her. Im sorry that their freindship came to this.:sad: They do not push people into suicide and you know that what was said was a mis understanding. I aswell as many others can see how angry you would be. Im sure many others would be aswell if they were in the same situation.:mad: I only know what you've told me and you were caught in the middle of a VERY bad and volatile situation and im just sorry that it blew up again like this. :sad:

    Please take care of yourself. We all care about you so much. :hug:

    Viks xxx

    PS. Sorry for everything
  4. I've talked to but of them just now. I think I made K. realize that I have a different view on friendship and her as Friend 1 has. I've also talked to Friend 1. I still feel as if I'm sucked into the middle. I dont want to loose either of them. Things have settled down now for a bit though. Thankfully cos this is not somethig I want to be dealing with right now. I think it'll sort out. :) They will probably never be friends again, but i'm sure I can make them realize how I feel sucked in the middle and I'm sure we can sort something. :)

    thanks for your words Viks :) :hug:
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    Good one sweetie, i don't think they realise how you did get sucked into the middle and you still are. It must be pretty hard to see two great friends be at each others throats when you care about both of them so much. Im glad things have settled down a bit and i hope they continue along that track. Remember you don't have to sort it out, its not your job to do that. The situation happened between them and its unfortunate that you got dragged into it. What friend 1 said was out of order and it was all a mis-understanding. Just remember you don't have to sort it out, sometimes its easier to step back and let people sort it out themselfs, but do what ever you feel is best.

    Viks xxx
  6. lack of sleep

    hmpf I think that situation is kinda sorted (for now). But I still haven't slept.

    I woke up on tuesday 8pm and now it's thursday, almost 1am and I'm still wide awake :unsure: Don't think i'll be falling asleep anytime soon.

    I am doing better in general, but now this stupid sleeping problem is sticking it's head up again. I may not have slept much at all the last months, like 3-4hrs a night but at least I slept. which isn't what I can say now :unsure:

    ah well. I'll get over it. will probably be knocked out tomorrow or so and sleep for DAYS ghehe
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