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My situation is clear and simple. There is only one thing that I need: death. I don't need anything else.
But I don't want to hurt my family.

This makes me mad.

Should I find somebody who wants to kill me? How???
welcome to the forum... i hope you find it helpful...

you dying will hurt your family and friends. probably what you might need more is to sort through what brought you here etc and come to a better resolution that dying...

nobody here will give you the answers about how to find someone etc as SF is a prolife site.... but i do hope that we can help you work through your problems


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hey basta. first of all, i have to know: did you make basta your name because it's spanish for "enough"?

Also, I know that right now, death seems like a great answer, but it rarely is. Whatever you're going through can be worked out. Put off dying a little longer and see if you can't get to a better place
"basta" is italian and the meaning is "stop".

Yes, I have thought about it for long time and everything is clear.
Since I have only two aims: 1) to die 2) not to hurt my family,
the only solution is to find a killer who is looking for killing somebody (me!).
That's mathematic.

"Come to a better resolution than dying."?
Why dying can't be the best one?

"Why do you want to die."?
People want lots of things. Somebody wants to become actor and thinks all day about that; someone else wants to become rich and thinks all time about how to make money; my colleague always wants to play football.
And me, I want to die; I have my aim like other people.
This is not good, not bad. No ethics, no preconceptions, no superstitions.
Just a way to realize myself.


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basta is also spanish for enough

Whether or not you kill yourself, your family is still going to be upset. No one in your family wants to see you die. They'll be devastated no matter how you die.

Death is a last resort, the final solution. Like a nuke. It shouldn't even be an option, really.

First of all, I don't ALWAYS think about being an actor even though that's my ambition in life. Thinking about any ONE thing all the time isn't healthy.

I find it hard to believe that your only goal is to die...and for no reason. there must be something--a mental illness, loss of someone you care about, etc...
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