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Made me laugh

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I live on campus, all have rooms and shar a kitchen, 8 to a kitchen in mine. The floor above there's a girl we know and she lost her keys and is away at home. Just as a joke whilst we were a bit drunk we thought we'd go steal some random things and mess her room around a bit... i know it's mean but she would have taken the joke. Anyway got to the door and noticed someone had taken her poster off, wondered who would as we opened the door and found EVERYTHING gone.... I mean everything, her desk, her wardrobe, her bed, her lightbulb to her lamp, all her posters her uni work, clothes, everything even the shelves were removed... anyway after a while we found the guy who took it and walked into his room, except we couldn't get in... he had two of everything, and had to climb over it all to get into his bed, he'd taken all her stuff. It was amazing and very funny.
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