Major change in life, I'm in need of advice.

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Now it's been almost 4 months since she died. I'm lacking something in here. I think I don't wanna spend my life working as a language teacher. I sent a résumé for the Bukan federation of Krav Maga (it was accepted immediately) and I asked to be transferred to Japan's training facility.

My cousin started physical training with me 14 years ago, but she enrolled in Kendo in a different dojo. When she was 15 she won Japan's modern swordsmanship internal competition and was presented with 念力 (Nenriki), a katana made by forge master Iwasaki; the only physical memory I have left of her. I will move permanently to that country and enroll in Kendo as well, so that one day I can also wield Ange's sword. I haven't gave much thought to this - I'll just go; so I wanted to hear the thoughts of you guys. My apologies for this selfish request, but I sincerely don't wanna think about this.

To be able to move, I'll probably spent all of my financial resources and give up my work and all the study I've made up on languages; I'm to become a Bukan's sensei, and now that I looked at it seems that wages are ridiculously high as well.


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Do you think this move will make you happy? Sorry, I don't know any of the back story so I don't want to say more, but does it feel like moving and starting this new job will help you fight/conquer whatever is getting you down? I think ultimately it's up to you to weigh the pros and cons because it is your life, but I personally tend to lean towards things that will bring me happiness and make me feel "unstuck". I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of your cousin.
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