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    I think my life is officially over. I have fucked up my personal life and my business life beyond all reason. I cannot get a job. I face the possibility of prison time and I do not see my way out of this. I am not knowing what to do. I just had a job interview that I flubbed beyond all reason. He asked me to explain why I had 6 jobs in 8 years and I could not give a coherent explanation. I am taken aback by my lack of formal planning and why why I cannot make any of this work. I have no money no friends and no real support system. I have fux=cked up beyond all reason.
    Life is not supposed to be easy but I cannot make this right! I cannot make this right.
    I had one last chance to get this together and here I have fucked it up already. I have no chance to get thsi right! jesus jesus I wish I had the wherewithall to pack it up all up and run away or to at least end it all. I am just a sociopath/fuck up. Please please I pray to God for someone to help me out of this terrible place.

    The interviewer asked for references and I cannot give him any good references. All the people that I have worked with would explain my true history! How the hell do I sell this big plate of crap.

    I think my only option to run away to start over and become a *****/pimp until I die.
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    I just read my post and it is filled with ramblings and rants! How can I expect anyone to help me whenI have not helped myself? I am really a looney tunes who needs psychiatric help beyond the scope of this forum. ANybody have any good answers in the city for someone who has lived on easy street and now just wants someone to make it right? I cannot believe how fucked up this is?

    No money, no job and no possibility. WHo will even hire me for Walmart. Life is truly over. Lif is truly over. Life is truly over. Endgame. I will be evicted and have to become homeless or I will just "die"

    I need to rid the world of my awful presence.
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    First of all you are not what you claim. You are a human and make mistakes. I would aim to be honest to my employers, and tell them the truth. I would explain that I can offer my best, and take it from there. I would also explain how I have learned from each past mistake and how I would like a chance to work towards not making them again. You have more options than that. Take it from me, I used to runaway from every problem I had. It catches up to you. The best thing to do is to deal with them as they come along. As far as prison time goes, I would have to know the whole situation before I could give advice there. But if you had done a crime like stolen things, or money you will have to do the time, but it may be what you need. Time is needed, but hardly paid attention to. Meaning people always put things off. I will work on myself tomorrow, and so on. The time you spend now, and if you go to jail, prison, and so on should be used for what it is meant to be; a time to relflect and to decided if this is the life you want. You have control over your actions. And coming from someone who used to have an impulse disoreder, I should know. I will keep you in my prayers, PM me if you want. Blessings..
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    I used to live on easy street, and it was fun at first until time flew by, and I was stuck with nothing to show from it. I personally turned my life to Yahweh and gave up trying to do things my way to do it his way. He has blessed me for it, and has taken care of me since then. Going on five years later. I know this worked for me, and you can fo as I did or not, but I wouldn't knock it till you try it. Blessings..