Make Believe: a poem for all the dreamers.

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  1. echo_bravo

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    Make Believe

    I used to be an astronaut
    I'd climb aboard my rocket ship
    in a suit three times my weight
    but I'd still float on the moon
    and leave my foot print there for eternity

    I used to be a communist
    fighting for the red cause
    with red blood in blood stained boots
    until democracy drove me underground
    where I switched sides to save my children

    I used to mine coal in Virginia
    shovel heavy loads until the bell rang
    just to pay the bills
    but it will be worth it when they dig up my grave
    and find diamonds

    I used to be a lot of things
    before I realized what a lie was
    before my dad told me I was a daiquiri accident
    and I didn't want to make believe anymore
    couldn’t push myself to dream anymore

    I used to want a better life
    until I knew enough to know
    that lives do not exist as better or worse
    only as they are, changing
    and full of all the things I will say I used to be
    once I am
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    Love it !
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