Makes me wanna kill her parents... (parts of it might trigger)

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    It's almost funny if it wasn't so sad. I'm 20 years old and never had a relationship in my life. Never loved anyone. No one ever loved me. Up till now that is. Some days ago a very good friend(whom I know from the internet) told me that she is in love with me. At first I couldn't believe it, but I also felt flattered. I think it's wonderful. And it could be just perfect. She is such a wonderful person(writing it down makes me cry) with a great sense of humor. We always have so much fun together and we get along so great. We really can talk about anything. I have also very strong feelings for her, although I'm not sure if it's love. Another great thing is that she's living only 90 km away from me(I got a car so that wouldn't even be an hour to drive).
    But there is a really big problem. Her fucking parents. She's 16 and still living at home. She frequently gets yelled at, and sometimes gets beaten. Her father even raped her. I hate them and sometimes I just wanna go over there and kill them in cold blood. These motherfuckers also spy on her, so for example they're phoning friends where she claims to be at. They'd never allow someone who is as old as me to step into her life she says and we can't meet because of that. Not even away from her appartment. That's the biggest problem for me as far as a relationship is concerned. I can't imagine a relationship that only exists in the internet and where you can't meet your loved one. I wanna be friends with her, even when we can't meet, that's okay for me but I can't imagine a relationship like that. We're still friends and I hope that this won't change but I'd really like to be her boyfriend. I just don't know how I can make it happen. She said she doesn't wanna move out from home for the next 2-3 years. Understandably she's really frightened to talk about all these things, so she doesn't get help from the authorities. However she is preaparing to go into therapy and I really hope it will help her. I try to be there for her as good as I can but it also hurts me not to be together with her. I hope someone can understand that. I've been wishing for a relationship for all my life and there she is, almost right in front of me. And it is so perfect with her. But I can't be together with her :(
    Does anyone know what I can do?

    Thank you for reading all this! Sorry if it doesn't fit in here, I just had to write it down, tell anyone...

    the departed
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    :eek:hmy: that sounds terrible. poor girl :hug:

    I understand how you must feel :arms: im sorry that i cant think of anything that will help you right now.
    I can understand how you feel about her parents, cause i'd be the same. i cant believe she wont speak out :( (well i can actually, shes prob scared) but i'd try and move out asap.

    I really dont know what you can do apart from be there for here (on the internet). I dont know if you should risk meeting her, incase her beatings, etc get so much worse, would you rather have a friend or a gf u never see that gets hurt because of you? (that sounds harsh, but i can imagine what her parents, especially dad would do if he found out)

    whats the law on ages there in Germany? like here its 16 so it wouldnt matter to the law if you were seeing each other, although around my area people are a bit ansy if your under 18 seeing someone over 18 :dry:
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    Hi and thank you!

    As I said she's scared to talk about it and seek help and I think she doesn't want to move out, maybe because she doesn't really know where to go then or wouldn't be comfortable with living together with other people
    I don't want her to get hurt because of me and I don't insist on meeting her. I leave the decision about that to her, cause she can pre-estimate the risks better than I can I think.

    Well, I think meeting her would be okay for the law but sleeping with her would be illegal I guess. But I don't mind that, sex isn't that important to me. I guess I wouldn't even mind having a relationship without sex. And I think she'd need time to trust me(or other people in general) in that matter anyway because of her father.
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    you sound like a great guy :) i hope u can help her out. i hope shes safe and well. and i hope these issues dont effect you too much :arms:
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    Thank you *smiling* :)

    Well, I feel sad because of it but it's okay cause there are many moments when I feel great because of her. I'd like to help her and make her feel better.