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Discussion in 'Grief and Bereavement' started by gentlelady, May 29, 2010.

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    Today I sit and mourn the loss of two beautiful, vibrant young lives. In the midst of confusion and disbelief I wonder how to make sense of it all. How do you explain to your child the reasons for lives to be cut short? Two of his friends, 15 year old girls, were out enjoying the day. They were doing things many teenagers do. Riding a 4 wheeler through the hills, they were laughing, smiling, loving life as the wind blew through their hair. Not a care in the world. In the blink of an eye their lives ended when they ran into a fence. All that remains are the tears being shed by their friends and families. Children should not have to bury their friends. Parents should not have to bury their children. Rest in peace Dakota and Adele. Your light will continue to shine through those whose lives you have touched.
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    :hug: Corrina. That is very sad news. Things like this always make me contemplate, as do other things. So many things we'll never understand. However, what is important is carrying their memories along with you. My condolences.
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    I'm so sorry .....that's so sad......I hope your son is coping ok....
    I have to wonder why these happy people are taken when some of us are so sad we pray to go...
    life doesn't make sense......
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    There is no sense in it they were having fun enjoying life I am sorry for their family suffering and for your sons sadness There is nothing one can say take care
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    You are so right children should never have to bury their friends or family, Im so sorry to read your post, I have known you for a long time their memories will live on in your family and you will offer your support to those that are suffering terribly at this time, dont forget my friend you need to mourn their loss and the loss your children have had to, give yourself time my condolences to you and all those that will be suffering the loss of these two young lives.
    Thinking of you *hug
  6. Shadowlands

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    Life often doesn't make sence, but I can give you a hug :arms:
  7. Dave_N

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    Sorry to hear about the loss of those two girls gentlelady. ATV's can be dangerous even for experienced riders. My thoughts and prayers are with them and their families. :(
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    Just saw this C...don't know where I have been lately, but my thoughts and prayers are always with you, especially in these difficult time...ILU, J
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    I guess this happens everyday, 40,000 children around the world starve to death when they go to bed each night. It helps put things into perspective because we're actually the lucky ones if we can afford to live lives where our only worry is health and safety as opposed to going hungry.