Making a living, right?

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    Next school-year, that means after the summer is over, I was supposed to go to a kind of college. i got acceptet, and the school's stable manager said he could take care of my dog since she couldn't be staying at the dorms.

    problem is, when I tried to make the final arrangements yesterday, the stable manager suddenly says he can't have my dog since he won't be working there next year, reason for late reply was that he "lost" my number. Sure, 'cuz it doesn't stand in the registered students for next year.... If he had made the slightest bit of effort to find me i could mayeb find a soloution, but now it's too late.

    Why can't I just leave her at home? reason is that she isn't the family pet, she is mine. I live with my father, he's agressive and have no idea how to handle people or animals in any way other than yelling at them. And this might even be her last year. She got hip displacement and her limping is getting worse, her being put to sleep without me being able to say goodbye, I don't want to think about it.

    So I decided to ditch the school, getting a job and taking it from there. I might move out 2-3months later than originaly planned, but I'll get to be with my dog, and bf also. What scares me is the thought of actually getting a job where I make enough for a small apartment and my dogs vet bills.

    I guess I'm real scared about actually making it, not that not making it would lead to any greather disaster (Norways politics have a huge pillow to land on for anyone not being able to work, physical or mental alike - also includes lazy). But I can't build a farm on mini money from the state, so sucess is the only way to got xD *pressure*
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    Hey Terra :)

    I think its courageous of you for going into the working world. Finding a job may be difficult at first but don't be discouraged. Sounds like you really love that dog. I do hope that someday when you're able you do decide to go back to school. I always have felt its the best way to make oodles of more money. If you really like animals you may be able to study something related to that.

    Keep trudging and taking steps to de-stress are always important!