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Making enemys in the wrong place

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I have a habit of... well fighting, defending myself, whatever you wish to call it, when someone hits me i hit them, but this often gets me into worst situations, i know i should try not to react to things like this but i can't help it. The problem with me is i'm an easy target, i look weak and pathetic so people pick on me, but i'm not so i fight back. The othe day i was in a situation, i lashed out at someone because they were throwing stuff at me and ended up getting the shit kicked out of me by all his mates.
Dose anyone have any methods of controling anger they can suggest, i usaly just think of a calm or pleasent thought like my girlfriends or somthing whitch dose work at times, but when i get realy pissed off it just dosent and i need to stop.


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Ronnoc, I would seriously think about taking up a martial art. it makes you super fit, confident and teaches you to control your temper.. Also should u get in a fight, you'll kick arse :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
sport. you use a lot of aggresion in sports some more than others. certain things like meditation classes use a lot of control and disapline and would be worth while to do in this case.


Ronnoc3, you have my admiration for not taking crap from others. For your personal safety I would suggest that you might size up the odds before you decide to retaliate, though.

I agree with the earlier suggestion about taking up martial arts. As a big fan of fighting sports I humbly suggest that you seek out a school that teaches Muay Thai.

It is a style from Thailand that is VERY straightforward and destructive. There are no fancy flying kicks, or elaborate, wasteful movements. There are no katas ( forms ) to learn, nor do you earn belt rankings.

It is extremely popular in Holland and many champion fighters come from there ( incidentally, Ramon Dekkers is a man of small stature who fought in Thailand. He is known as The Turbine from Hell because he would absolutely overwhelm his opponents with multiple strikes coming from every angle. You can find video of him on Youtube and other sites. You will be impressed. )

I don't know what M.A. options you have where you live ( Britain ? ) I suppose all that really matters is that you dedicate yourself to training
and to increase your skill.. good luck.
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