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    I have a hard time making friends lately. My neighbors used to be very supportive, at least by keeping contact with me by texting. I miss hearing my phone ring when they text me and I get excited at their response. But now, I've been asking them why they don't contact me anymore and they say that "friendship goes both ways". What they're saying is that I don't make the effort to show interest in them, only expecting them to initialize the contact. Well, I'm trying to work on my isolation and start keeping in touch with them but they still seem offstandish. Now I just don't care about making friends with them anymore and start making friends with the people at my group therapy. I say I'm lonely, but I tend to isolate and avoid opportunities for friendship in the past, but I'm going to make the effort now. I say I don't want romance but I'm also starting to wish for it again. I dumped all my old boyfriends and haven't been searching for another one for over a year now. At least I have ONE facebook friend who seems to care about me. He used to be my boyfriend until he moved out of town. But we still keep in touch. Not sure if we ever want to get back together again, but at least for now, we're still making contact. I'm just venting out my wish for friends because it seems to be a common need for many people in this forum.
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    I feel for you mpang - my situation is quite similar to yours where my ex-girlfriend & I still chat on FB even though she has moved on and is now with another guy (who happens to be called Guy!) Anyway mpang, as for your neighbours it is a pity they are not more understanding, as I too prefer not to initialize contact - it is much easier to answer a phone call or SMS, than it is to make one, as you have to think of a subject to break the ice rather than respond to an existing one