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Making real friends on SF

Discussion in 'Family, Friends and Relationships' started by Shannew, Sep 26, 2017.

  1. Shannew

    Shannew Chat Pro

    From my time here on SF, I've realized that people get and give support in many different ways. Some people just want to vent out their own frustrations and don't have the capacity to help anyone else, others want to feel the presence of some people and are not willing develop a strong connection with anyone. Then there are those of us who want to form platonic friendships in which advice and care can both be given and received, so in other words, a real friendship. These friendships can be hard to come by especially if there is no way that people can voice their intentions to have one, so I decided to create a way!

    Please post a message below if you are looking for a real friend and are:
    - NOT looking for a romantic relationship
    - Willing to give and receive real advice and take a real interest in your friends
    - In a place where you can care for others and in return have them care for you
    - Not just wanting someone to listen to your problems without listening to others in return
    - Not fake

    I don't know if this will work but my aim is for those of us who need a real friendship to be able to heal to be able to find each other and not feel like nobody cares just because they haven't been able to find like-minded people on this site.

    So comment below and happy mingling! :D
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  2. Fleurise

    Fleurise Well-Known Member

    Hi Shannew I love this idea. Would be very interested in connecting with people in a real way.
  3. Perfectblue

    Perfectblue Well-Known Member

    I like the idea, too. Would be really nice and helpful if we have real person who understands and we can hug. Or just to really meet face to face. Supporting each other.
    So sad there's only one or two members live in the same country as mine. Not to mention the distance and transportation problem.
  4. Thauoy

    Thauoy Well-Known Member

    What a nice thread? But I don't have people in my country on SF to make friends.
  5. Mr Hope

    Mr Hope Last Island

    I am in .
    As my status says "The greatest gift of life is friendship :)" :) ;):)
  6. Shannew

    Shannew Chat Pro

    Welcome friends! I hope we can all start connecting if we haven't already!
    @Thauoy and @Perfectblue I meant this as a way to make real internet friends, not in person friends... YET! Hopefully one day we can organize a way to meet in person with people on here but I think this is a good start, just to find like-minded people! :D
  7. Ph1

    Ph1 Well-Known Member

    Hi hun hope you already know I'd love you be friends already. And if you didn't already know, count me in.
  8. Blake9

    Blake9 Well-Known Member

    I am in! I agree with all !
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  9. Struggling along

    Struggling along SF Supporter

    Great thread! I'm in please :)
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  10. nobodyknows71

    nobodyknows71 Forum Pro SF Supporter

    I count myself incredibly lucky. I think I have made two straight up, honest to goodness friends here.
    Friendships I hope will stand the stand the test of time.

    But you can never have too many friends. I don't know about anyone else, but I would love to connect with more here. God knows, in real life people are way harder to make friends with.

    Not sure how it's gonna work, but definitely in!! I think sometimes we can get so caught up on trying to help/support people here that the opportunity to make friends is lost.

    I think a major part of people seeking help here is loneliness, if this thread helps to break through this, I'm definitely up for that!
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  11. Jazlyn

    Jazlyn Well-Known Member

    How do i join lol. Exactly what I'm looking for
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  12. blue229

    blue229 Member

    I think that's a great idea. I'm in.
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  13. Kira

    Kira SF Gelfling Staff Alumni SF Supporter

    It's a great idea. I haven't had any real life contact with anyone for 6 days. I came here over 10 months ago 'cause I was struggling with loneliness. This place is great and I've made some wonderful friends but the problem for me is that because of where I live, when I log on and I desperately need to talk there's like 4 people logged in and I don't know them.
    It's clearly no one's fault but when I need desperate help everyone's on the other side of the world sleeping. :(
  14. HumanExMachina

    HumanExMachina Pizza Spaceman Forum Pro SF Artist SF Supporter

    A friend would be nice. They don't last long. But anyway, friends are nice.
  15. HumanExMachina

    HumanExMachina Pizza Spaceman Forum Pro SF Artist SF Supporter

    Sounds like you're somewhere close to Casa Carajo, like me. You can talk to me whenever you want, Kira. I can't offer cheesecake and coffee, but I'm an attentive listener and a good talker. I'll always be here:)
  16. Walker

    Walker Everything Zen Staff Member Safety & Support SF Social Media SF Supporter

    Maybe they don't have to be real friends in the meet-up-in-person kind of way. :) But looking for friends in the way that means more than posting on the boards and passing each other along the way. Messaging, connecting in more real life kinds of ways, texting or calling perhaps. Facebook. Whatever it is real people do when socializing.
  17. Walker

    Walker Everything Zen Staff Member Safety & Support SF Social Media SF Supporter

    You're fantastic and I adore you.
  18. Walker

    Walker Everything Zen Staff Member Safety & Support SF Social Media SF Supporter

    Sometimes we're on together, I think. Your status is invisible, I believe. Message me any time! I'm not on day in and day out but I'm down to talk when I'm here. You know we are all about you around here. You're valuable.
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  19. nobodyknows71

    nobodyknows71 Forum Pro SF Supporter

    I adore you more! X
  20. Unknown_111

    Unknown_111 Forum Buddy Staff Alumni SF Supporter

    Brilliant suggestion. Remember we are all together and to be honest we are all virtual friends for life. Well, I hope so.