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    Hey I'm a bisexual girl and there is another girl who I know is interested too. We were chatting for about a month and then met up last night and it was really nice, although she couldn't stay for long because it started snowing and she wouldn't have been able to get home.

    Later on we were chatting online and she said to me that she was about to kiss me when I got out of the car, although I didn't notice it. Later on that night she actually drove back down to mine pretty late and stayed over (nothing happened though). We had a pretty nice time and all that, and there were moments when I know I should have kissed her and didn't. You know those moments, when you're right next to each other, and you're eyes connect! I have no idea why I didn't make the move, but at the same time she didn't (although I think she might have done if I hadn't looked away).
    I kinda regret it now, she might think I don't want to and I really do!

    We're meeting again on Tuesday, I was just wondering of how to make the move to kiss her? I've had boyfriends and girlfriends before but this is different, I'm really afraid of doing it even though I know she wanted to kiss me haha.

    Anyway, any tips on how I should go about our first kiss?
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    Like should I just go in for it or wait for her to do it?