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Sorry for my recent freak out everbody, I'm ok now. I would explain what was wrong but I'm sure it would bore everyone! My counsellor managed to calm me down and get some perpective on the situation. So I'm a little more stable now. Sorry for worrying people.

And thank you Jess for giving up your evening to talk to me yesterday :hug: :cheekkiss


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I am glad to here you are doing better Mal. You do not need to apologize for anything though. The important thing is that you are okay now.
I'm glad you're doing better hun :hug:

I didn't give up my evening hun. I'm always there to talk because Iw ant to be
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Mal, I too am very glad you're feeling some better.:smile: I hope you continue to feel better about yourself and your life. You mean a lot to me, my friend!:smile: :smile:


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