malakay hamelachim

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  1. this last moment
    many times done
    voices of mercy
    chains of struggle
    run away from them
    all but you
    my god, savior, messiah true
    Death's Scythe
    her hand which robbed me
    gives succor
    her smile, chalk and ash
    consolates my worldy fears
    valiant wings, feather and bone
    strangle me, leaving me cold
    blinding beauty, trumpets of doom
    dreaful and comforting
    my soul is yours to exploit
    your offer inevitable, my salvation
    malach maeths
    fall in the spiraling void
    in your numbing 'brace
    eyes shallow and empty orbs of black
    welcome me
    your cloak of tattered silk, dark and dismal
    consume me
    drink blood spilt and blessed
    release me
    rest eternal i be given
    thine servant, corvus corax
    carry my soul aloft.
    for only you
    master of the Skeleton
    relinquishes my pain
    my bitter shame
    who can love another?​
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.