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Male experience on dating sites


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Call me naive but learning that men are bombarded with sexual offers and inappropriate questions... a lot, never crossed my mind. To be contacted by professionals... yes professionals is shocking. I dont understand why men don’t complain? That can’t be good, all the time. Especially for men who want LTRs or serious dating. And if you paid for the site too. As a woman, I know, I would be ticked off.


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that sounds awful @Movieaddict . the hookers plain and simple think men are an easy target because they know the men are lonely. it's illegal and should be reported. i don't know about dating site because i'm too old and for my safety i'm too married. it would be really bad for the site if the cops say it's promoting prostitution.



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In the back of my mind I think: they are then going to blackmail them. The conversations are recorded and they say they’ll release them unless they pay. It’s all too risky but men do engage because as you say, they are lonely. When I’m even remotely being veered into a type of conversation like that.... I say: I’m not here for sex chat. There are paid sites for that and furthermore my father didn’t raise me to be that type of woman.

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