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    Something people like me deal with everyday.


    A stabbing pain to an aching throb
    My mother can't make it stop

    My skin's crawling and cold
    What if I'm feeling a symptom
    That's never been told?

    I said to her all I could
    A hundred things I list
    And still too many missed

    I'm ok, so she said

    What's to be done?

    Saw my doctor, couldn't say a thing
    Thousands of warnings in my brain

    Covered in perspiration
    Overdosed on adrenaline

    I hear nothing but white noise

    I'm ok, so he said

    No virus or broken bones
    I'm on my own

    A whimper to a choking sob
    My doctor can't make it stop

    My chest has chills my head's too warm
    My skull's splitting my brain is tearing

    I think I'm on to something what if

    My mind has tricked my body?

    It's all in my head
    And I can't make it stop


    Inspired by Edgar Allen Poe's works.

    Note: I didn't know it, but the title is actually a completely different condition. This poem's actually about hypochondria, not malingering. Although I guess you could say they were accused of being a malingerer.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.