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Man on Fire

Discussion in 'Rants, Musings and Ideas' started by Altruist, May 22, 2009.

  1. Altruist

    Altruist Active Member

    Well Im back with another love rant, I think I might be starting to post these weekly, this forum could use a little positivity!

    the movie man on fire hurts so damn good. Denzel Washington plays the character perfectly. It is very gritty, I love it because it doesn't try and make you hate the bad guys like so many crappy movies do. The vengeance that Denzel takes out is extremely brutal and you can feel the characters silent rage as he dedicates all his energy to punishment for the responsible no matter the cost. The story has a few beautifully woven twists, and the ending hurts my heart and makes me so god damn sad. Probably not a good movie if movies can trigger you but if your feeling bored or numb check it out, If you have ever been to Mexico this movie will make you strongly reminiscent especially if you spent time in Mexico city!

    Let me know of you dig this movie or what you think of it.
  2. shades

    shades Staff Alumni

    Thought it was pretty good with great acting-saw at the end it was based on a true story which makes a lot of sense now with what's going on there now with more and more kidnappings.