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Man robs bank for $1

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And the US isn't in trouble for healthcare. Yeah, right.

His medical provider says he's bilking the system... why shouldn't he?

His SSI claim will be denied. That's going to be a sad hard truth. Especially now that they know what he will do with the money. Buy a condo? Yeah... like Uncle Sam is ever going to let you do that with his money.


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I think everyone should scam the system whenever they can for as much as they need.

"Ask not what you can do for your country but what it can do for you?" is that it?

I agree that the system is weighted unfairly at the moment --- and if I was American I would be screaming out for some sort of national health system, it is an utter disgrace at the moment seemingly --- a sort of government shackle to keep everyone in WORK, because the moment you are out of work, you are out of access to healthcare and unless a millionaire, who can afford that? It is like a nasty trick - but American's seem to go for it, so if that is what they want then good luck to them.

That is the bit I don't get about America, here is your opportunity to change something that will benefit the majority --- you have a President who WANTS to implement that change but oh no, you WANT the system weighted just to benefit the elite, whilst the rest of you suffer. What? You have some sort of psychological (not YOU princ belt - but America it seems) attitude where you might just as well be a religious flagellant, walking down the street daily beating your own back with a vicious whip!

There is no other explanation - you are all nuts!


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Americans should be ashamed of their poor health care system and lack of social services. The rest of the developed world thinks it's cruel and idiotic and wonders when they're going to get their act together and grow up as a nation.


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The US can't afford to provide universal health care even if they wanted to, they are too busy invading other nations and bombing the shit out of them.


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The US can't afford to provide universal health care even if they wanted to, they are too busy invading other nations and bombing the shit out of them.
I have to agree... and look at the budget. We are scrounging for money to pay our debts, and yet we are sill in Iraq and Afghanistan, with no intention of pulling out (unlike what our idiot of a president said during his 2008 campaign). I mean, cmon really.

We do need to grow up as a nation. We need to be providing for our own. But no, the elite will always have their loopholes. They will always be favored. Them and their corporations, and tax breaks, and other bullshit like that.

We don't have anything to assure mental health care won't be fooled around with. We need a national healthcare system, but the rich will never allow that. I can guarantee that.
Most of us want out of all this war shit... It just that the idiotic polotical figures always lie. They say they arent planning on raising taxes and getting us out of war... yea, i see how that is happening.

The rich get the loopholes. The rest of us ARE ashamed of it, but none of us have much power to do anything, though id sure as hell like to try...

Try not to look at us through our polotical figures... i know its hard... and most americans are idiots, but there are, as in all societies, good and bad points.


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Because they wanted rid of a regime which has been a pain in the ass for decades. That being said, Libyan intervention has probably prevented genocide.
It is quite ridiculous that he had to do that in order to get proper medical care.

It's messed how they went into Iraq because of weapons of mass destruction yet they didn't have any... This is a quote from an article which I posted in my "your shadow thread"... It just goes to show how the terrorists and even bush worked by projecting their shadow onto each other then trying to destroy it.

It is a total waste of money not to mention the 100,000 people who have died in Iraq civilains and miliatary personally. Then theirs all of the injuries and other crimes that have been committed due to the invasion, rape etc...

At the root of Bush's pathology is a deep dissociation. Like the terrorists, he has split-off from his own darker half, projecting the shadow ‘out there,’ and then tries to destroy this dis-owned shadow. By projecting the shadow onto each other, Bush and the terrorists are each seeing their own shadow reflected in the other. They see each other as criminals, as the incarnation of evil. By projecting the shadow like this, they locate the evil ‘out there,’ which insures that they don't have to recognize the evil within themselves. It's interesting to note that the inner meaning of the word 'mirror' is ’shadow holder.’ Ironically, by fighting against their own shadow in this way, they become possessed by the very thing they are trying to destroy, thereby perpetuating a never-ending cycle of violence. To quote Jung, "The psychological rule says that when an inner situation is not made conscious, it happens outside, as fate. That is to say, when the individual remains undivided [not in touch with both the light AND dark parts of themselves] and does not become conscious of his inner opposite, the world must perforce act out the conflict and be torn into opposing halves."

Jung simply refers to projecting the shadow as “the lie." It’s interesting to note that one of the inner meanings of the word Devil is ‘the liar.’ Projecting the shadow, to quote Jung, "deprives us of the capacity to deal with evil." Jung stresses the importance of consciously developing what he calls our "imagination for evil," which is to consciously recognize our potential for evil. This recognition means embracing and integrating our dark side into our wholeness, which is made up of both light and dark. If we have no imagination for evil, to quote Jung, "evil has us in its grip.......for only the fool can permanently disregard the conditions of his own nature. In fact, this negligence is the best means of making him an instrument of evil."

By projecting the shadow, Bush is unwittingly being a conduit for the deepest, archetypal evil to possess him from behind, beneath his conscious awareness, and to act itself out through him. At the same time, ironically enough, he identifies with the light and imagines that he is divinely inspired. To quote Jung, a person in a position of power who has become dissociated like Bush “even runs the grave risk of believing he has a Messianic mission, and forces tyrannous doctrines upon his fellow-beings.” He then believes that any action he desires is justified in the name of God, as he can rationalize it as being God's will. Unable to self-reflect, he is convinced of the rightness of his viewpoint, which he considers non-negotiable. This is a very dangerous situation, as Bush has become unconsciously identified with and possessed by the hero, or savior archetype. This figure is religious in nature, as it derives from the transpersonal, archetypal dimension of the collective unconscious. Being inflated with the hero archetype, he (archetypically) wants to save the world from evil and to liberate the planet.
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