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Manic and no one believes me!!

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I swear to god I am so sure that I am manic, I am 100%!!! I have been to see a mental health nurse yesterday and he says no chance you are manic but I saw a psych in his office and they all just seem really really reluctant to diagnose and they just want to find anything at all in your symptoms that can lead them to say, no you do not have a diagnosis! No one will believe me when I tell them just how absolutely serious this is.

Here's a description of me written by my friend yesterday;

"She is currently displaying incredibly distressing levels of energy, where she claims headaches occur, but they don’t really seem painful to her. They seem more like pressure behind her eyes and forehead. She is unable to think, and even form sentences that well. She seems to feel trapped and unable to access others parts of mind, as if she’s stuck and can’t think of anything. Her energy levels seem to be beyond any rational point, she has often told me of where she feels as if she can’t physically keep up with herself mentally, like typing, or speaking. Often in public she can be extremely fidgety and constantly moving, she seems to smile almost constantly, her speech is incredibly rapid and even her voice is considerably higher than her norm. I have noticed these abnormal occurrences in her behaviour for roughly 3 weeks now. I met her in September, and during that period up until a few weeks ago she seemed to extremely depressed, and often displayed signs of distress and lack of energy/ motivation to do anything at all. Also, when she seemed depressed, she was becoming incredibly distressed due to the fact the NHS seemed not to take her seriously whatsoever.

During these few weeks, she has had an extremely elated self-esteem, often viewing herself as being the one person that matters etc. I have also noticed that she seems to stay up into the early hours of the morning more than she tends to normally. I personally fear that there is something seriously unstable with her mental state and that action needs to be taken."

Now I have no doubt in my mind whatsoever and I'm sure anyone who has been manic recognises all these symptoms!
I feel like I am going out of my mind because no one will diagnose me or help me at all other than put me on antidepressants and say I'm just depressed and tell me to wait for depression CBT (I'm not depressed I am so incredibly on top of the world when I am not going through these distressing energy level phases). There's no way I'm depressed. It's driving me crazy because they are gonna put me on prozac what good is that going to do? I think I need a mood stabilizer!
Is there something wrong with me or am I just literally going out of my mind, because that's how I feel when I feel 'manic' like I'm losing my mind, it's the best way I can feel to describe it.
How the hell do I get people to actually listen to me because this is EXTREMELY distressing!!!
don't get me started on people who don't believe what you tell them!

i've been explaining my problems too, but yet again, i've the same problem- so many people shrug it off!

i hope you manage to get someone to believe you
keep a detailed mood journal (over several months). google mood journals and you will find ones to download. fill it out religiously every day and take it with you to your next appointment. racing thoughts and self-importance are def. signs of mania, but there are other symptoms too. keep track of it all. good luck.
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