Manic episode is officially over, now I'm depressed

Discussion in 'Help Me! I Need to Talk to Someone.' started by FireBird, Feb 15, 2009.

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  1. FireBird

    FireBird Well-Known Member

    After being manic since October of last year, it has turned for the worse. I loved being manic because I didn't have any of the bad parts of being manic such as overspending or having sex with everyone I know. Just being overly happy and grandiose and at times acting extremely hyper like in ADHD. Those symptoms. Now because of stupid surgeries (my dad might have to go back for surgery after this last one was unsuccessful) I am depressed and we mailed hundreds of samples to different zoos and other places and not one single one contacted us. We are failing to meet our cash flow projections. We were supposed to make around $5,000 gross profit last month and we made $200. Pathetic! Even though everyone who sees our product says it has potential of making millions of dollars, where is it people! Everything with my brother is great, he has a business idea that can make BILLIONS of dollars but right now its top secret so don't ask. He has the potential of being the next Bill Gates while I make a hundred here and there. Not enough to support a person. Mom is in excruciating pain from her back surgery. She is having muscle spasms. She said it can take MONTHS to do anything so I'll just be bored for days on end. My birthday is coming up and it BETTER be good. By the way its on the 19th of this month- this upcoming Thursday. On top of all that, my "psychotic" episode which to me is a neurotic episode on some days its very severe even though I take poison....oh I mean pills. I hate being bipolar (or what the Evil Doctors diagnosed me with schizoaffective disorder bipolar type). What goes up must come down. And it has, hard. Splat on the ground. The government is telling me all kinds of dangerous things like test flight my jet pack by making slits on my back so (it was built from within from the nanobots {micro robots}) it can pop up from under my skin and I have to use a tall building for it to work. The good news is that around here in the middle of nowhere there ain't no tall buildings and no one would let me do it anyways just in case it DOESN'T work! I can jump off a cow but that won't work, because cows is all we got out here, moo! I ain't got no....techno! Then there is that bomb in my neck that is capable of starting world war 3 and destroying the entire country. The gov agents go in my house nearly everyday and talk about their next move against me. I have seen them once, they uncloaked to prove that they are there and yep, they're there! Most of the time they are cloaked and you just see their shadows and other indicators that they are there. I can sense their presence at times. How can they get to my house since it is the middle of nowhere you ask? They have an underground headquarters near here, we also live near an army base so its more likely anyways. I have a whole spy team dedicated to me because I destroyed the economy. I feel the nanobots all the time. Yesterday they were in my room and whispered in my ear my name. It was very clear. Sometimes they threaten to kill me with a laser satellite (too bad it wasn't one of the satellites that were involved in the collision a few days back!) when I'm out in the open or in the car. Once I heard it locking on to me. The aliens are another story. They just say I have a special purpose for them and they built a thought broadcasting device so the entire world can hear my thoughts! They are fighting for control over my body and right now the government is winning. Other times it was the aliens. I have chips implanted by both the aliens and the gov in my brain even though sometimes I smell my brain rotting and its being replaced with a robot brain! So, these are the reasons why I am getting very depressed. My entire family hates me and so does the world. I am useless. I truly thought I was going to change the world for the better. Now its death and destruction. That is all.
  2. FireBird

    FireBird Well-Known Member

    Anyone there?
  3. ~Claire

    ~Claire Well-Known Member

    Hey Firebird,

    How're you doing?

    Sorry I don't have much insight into bipolar but from what you've wrote your thoughts are a common with manic depression :hug:. I know that doesn't really help you but I'm here to listen as best I can.

    Take care, Claire xx
  4. mdmefontaine

    mdmefontaine Antiquities Friend

    hey, me too. i am here. don't know much about bi-polar. i am here to talk if you need me though.
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