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    Many of you have been on here for months..maybe years..(joking about years..) saying that you were going to commit suicide...(Me included..)

    But I stopped saying that on here anywyas, because I"m still not dead..neither are the majority of you guys/ladies..

    My point is, you're still trying to find something out of life..well something that helps me..go audition for a commercails or for a play..Hey maybe even american idol!

    Try out for something!! That is always fun..even if you don't make it!!

    But then again, I'm the drama type person!
  2. It's excellent that anyone is here for long periods of time-months, years, decades-it not only means that you're still alive it means that you hope to stay alive, even if you need a little(or alot) of help from people who can understand how you feel. :)
    Wonderful idea but if you are easily set off by disappointment please don't come back afterward sayin that you failed and want to attempt because of it....... never set yourself up like that.
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