MAOI's - anyone on them or know the diet?

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    Since having ECT late last year and the ECT doc telling me he would not give me maintenance treatments, suggested I take MAOI's. My prescribing psychiatrist has been suggesting them for years, but I've always shied away from it because of the diet and drug restrictions. Seeing as how the ECT actually worked (albeit for a short period of time), and seeing as how the seemingly 100's of anti-depressants I've tried over the years haven't helped, I decided to try the MAOI's. I'm on a 'beginning' dose of 6 mg. of EMSAM (the patch), and next week will be switched to Parnate pills (a higher dose), as of course, the 6 mg. of EMSAM is doing nothing.

    Anyway, does anyone know about the proper diet restrictions for MAOI's? I've looked on the web and have gotten conflicted information. For instance one site says no American or Mozzarella cheese and other sites say they are okay. One site says no hot dogs, other sites say "be careful." (How does one BE CAREFUL about eating hot dogs??? You either eat one or you don't...) I've looked up tyramine, but can't find a 'proper' updated list. What about Pastrami? A couple of sites say I can't eat soup in case it has bouillon in it, but my psychiatrist says he never heard of not being able to eat soup. Not that he's an MAOI expert or anything. Bouillon supposedly has meat extracts, which is a no-no on most sites I've seen. And what about going out to eat? All the sites say "be careful." So what am I supposed to do? Ask a dumb server if the meat I'm ordering has been left out too long, like he or she would know or even tell me the truth if he did know? I don't have the drug info from the pharmacy for Parnate yet, but the EMSAM info included in the package does not seem to be complete and does not have enough specific information.

    How can I get the "right" information?
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    I've never taken MAOI's, I just take sertraline at the moment.

    It seems to be quite rare for people to take MAOI's, the SSRI drugs seem much more popular.

    When the first MAOI came out it was an irreversible inhibitor of the monoamineoxidase (MAO) enzymes, which break down Serotonin, Dopmaine & Norepherine.

    Nowadays they have much better medications. There are reversible inhibitors and ones which are selective for MAO-A & MAO-B enzymes and are much safer to use. MAO enzymes are also involved in the breakdown of Tyramine as well as the key neurotransmitters involved in depression. The illness was commonly known as Cheese syndrome, as aged cheeses contain high amounts of tyrosine.

    Some good information on Tyramine & MAOI's:
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    i have been taking them for years-guit a few times and tried other meds.
    the upside is they don't seem to equalize my head and give me the why bother feelings about art the other drugs gave me .

    The down side is a huge list of foods you shouldn't eat and drinking is not a good idea. if you have high blood pressure and love stinky cheese and alot of fermented foods shy away from them .Nardil seems to be the only one left since these require you to avoid foods you may crave. i do lots of coffee and chocolate,the real chocolate out there can cause some bad effects and moderation is why these drugs aren't trendy.the other drugs are said to have less side effects and interactions .If you are an arsty type and deal with doing something that seems so out of the dumbth of current anti art culture for some reason mao drugs might not take the edgy edgy of artistness away and help with some stress based situations .....
    for me a good day is not thinking about icing myself the whole day if i can paint between suicide contemplation,then theres the stupid thing of why create in this world of greedy goobers who don't appreciate anything but buying garbage that might impress some other greedy goober.
    way too much rant sorry.