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    The other day I made some vague reference to Sam about marbles, it was drawn from the film Hook, with Robin Williams (got to be the funniest man on the planet :) ) about one of the original lost boys (who is now an old man) who returns his marbles at the end of the film by someone who found them on their adventure during the film.

    With the source of his happy thought returned he laughs and flies away, maybe back to Neverland happy ever after.

    Anyway, unknown to me Sam had registered the reference and surprised me with a link that when I clicked, lead me to a lolcat pic with the customary bad spelling emblazoned upon it saying something like, I found yur marblez

    I thought that was sweet and made me smile again this morning when I thought about this morning.

    I have 2 happy thoughts, my marbles so to speak, one with my mum, and one with my dad (my brother is in both of them :) )

    With my mum, there was a bad storm one night when we were young, it was just me, my mum and my brother and lightning had struck and semi destroyed some sort of relay responsible for feeding the whole village it's electricity. With power out we were a little scared but the rayburn was blazing (a kind of stove and fire to heat the room at the same time) with it's small door open lighting the room and mum kept us occupied by talking with us until bed time :)

    My brother and I had gone to visit our dad on the weekend (young again), it was spring or summer, am not sure, but it was warm, so we walked the mile or two it took to get to the river and went swimming (it was a popular spot). On the way back there was a torrential rain, and we were too far to race homw and nowhere to shelter on the dirt road we were on. We were soaked in seconds so all we could do was laugh and play by jumping in the puddles made by the rain filling the many potholes. We laughed and played all the way back home :)

    So.. What are your marbles :)
  2. Black humour - the first time my mom tried to balance the checkbook after me da had a stroke and had some damage. She was freaked. NOT incompetent by ANY stretch - but after being treated like a doormat for 50 years of marriage - she thought she was. He'd balance it to the goddamned penny each time. She said, "If your father sees this, he's going to kill me!" And the instant words that came out of my mouth were, "Mom - he can't see it anyway!!"

    If you coulda seen the relief on her face when she quietly & absentmindedly sighed, "Oh YEAH!!!!!!", you'd know what love is... :smile:

    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

    Mom had colon cancer 10 years ago. She had an utterly oblivious, insensitive, unsupportive, idiot husband who had already taken it upon himself to 'declare' she wasn't gonna make it. And I'm talking about a TOTAL lack of empathy or compassion. At the time, before they had a cancer ward here, she had to go out-of-town to receive her treatments. She came back GLOWING!!! Radiant!! She'd met SO many wonderful and supportive people there - staff AND patients. I said, "Mom, I'm gonna write an article about it". "Sure" she said doubtfully. It was accepted for publication the same day I submitted it. And a newspaper photographer came and took a shot of us - the ONLY photo in my life I have of me and her, and her and me together. Just the 2 of us.

    And because of that article and photo, folks recognized her near wherever she went. Blew her wee, precious, beautifully humble mind being "famous" :smile:


    (I realize personal pictures are frowned upon on this site - but please let this one be. It's precious to me. And besides - I don't look like that anymore!! WAY worse!!!!! Plus i'm an old bag now anyway. If someone wants to stalk me, let 'em have at it!!)

    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

    Had to go pick up my Da's remaining belongings from the temporary respite facility he'd been placed in while Mom was recovering from a broken hip and he having had a stroke. For you see, the one weeked he visited home, he committed suicide in the basement. So I had to clear out his stuff from the facilty after that. I would have ALWAYS turned right to exit the building he was in when I went to visit him there. But with a coupla bags in hand & lost in thought or supposed purpose, when I got off the elevator, I was 'guided' to turn left instead. There was a stained glass wall facing the courtyard, with poetry and sundry. My feet stopped. This is where they stopped...This is what I read...

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  3. Robin

    Robin Guest

    Just, WOW :)
  4. You've no idea Robin, how the thought and purpose of this thread idea struck me. I SO hope it doesn't get buried as is the fate of so many threads - though I realize they serve a wonderul purpose for their time, and exist in the sense of "cyber posterity"...

    But I ALSO wish (man, I been crying since i posted) that others would find their place of remembering some of their most precious moments -- NOT to negate or dismiss or replace the very real and various versions of utter hell they've endured -- but because I hope from the bottom of my soul and heart that somewhere along the way inside them, they'll find that wee oasis they once encountered - even if it's 'lost' now....And to know - REALLY know - that it WAS real and MOST sacred indeed. And to treasure the real, intimate, and sacred memory... NOT the loss of it.

    Am I making ANY sense whatsoever??! :huh:

    (Maybe I should quit while i'm behind...)
  5. Grew up with some terrific pals, an age ago in Montréal. God knows we were never bored. I cannot fathom how anyone can be bored actually. Every other range of emotion, but not that one. We invented our own version of hide-and-seek called “Trap”. Always in OUR basement which had little if any light. Always in the dark. Whoever was the “seeker” had to wait outside the basement door till we were hidden, and unbeknownst to them, had our “traps” set up. Which is pretty amazing for the usual lack of patience of young’uns!

    Once I remember I’d set up a life-jacket on a rope from the ceiling joists – with a pole underneath it – so when the “seeker” came in, I pulled the pole, and as soon as they walked in the door and shut it - they’d get whacked with a life-jacket in their face!! Another time, we’d also put a blanket over the clothesline that was in the middle of the basement – with something like an anvil behind it. You don’t know how hard it was NOT to laugh and give away our spots when the “seeker” thrashed at this thing in their way in the dark – and hit something really hard F’n behind it, with an expletive or two!

    But my favourite one was when we told the “seeker” that if they closed their eyes while coming in the door – they would all-the-sooner become accustomed to the lack of light and adjust. What they did NOT know, was that we were all quietly (and God, was that hard!) standing right next to the door on the inside – and they walking in with they eyes shut – did not see us leave the basement. All we heard many exasperated minutes later was “Aw, I give up – where are you all?!?!” ‘Course that only worked once – maybe even twice!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!!

    Heck – I don’t know as I’ve actually LOST my marbles remembering this shit!

  6. thedeafmusician

    thedeafmusician Staff Alumni

    i like this thread. i hope it doesnt die. robin and gabby, your posts made me smile.


    i think i was about three or so, and i taught myself to read. i loved books, if there was a book somewhere, or something to read, i would be sure to find it. because of that, when me and mum went on our weekly shopping trips, we would always stop at the bookstore and choose a children's book out of the bargain bin. tuesday nights became my favourite time of the week, because we'd sit together and she'd help me to read it. i got my love of books off her.


    it was during school camp, and there was a quiet moment, before breakfast. we were in cabins for once, and there was a fireplace. everyone else had left the room, and it was just me and c, and we were both curled up on the couch next to the fireplace. we werent really doing anything apart from lying/sitting there, and just talking. we stayed that way for at least half an hour before another teacher came and found us and told us to go to breakfast.
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