Marines to Marines....

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  1. Hi, I've never been good with poems but I thought I should share this one because I'm working on it for my Writing class :)

    Marines to Marines.....

    Well Marines, I'll tell you
    Life for me has been a battlefield
    It had fighting,
    And crying
    And places where no man should go
    But all this time
    I will keep marching on,
    Climbing for the top,
    And reaching for my mission
    Fighting for peace,
    Where there is no freedom
    So Marines, Don't give up.
    Don't stop fighting for there is marching ahead.
    Don't give in,
    For there is more to win,
    I'm still marching,
    And life for me has been a battlefield.
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    I think your poem is really good. Thank you for sharing. :smile:
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