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Marking the Passage of Time


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I feel like I am just marking the passage of time. I have things I look forward to; Friday afternoon I have 2 hours of vacation, I will do all my chores so I don't have to do anything on the weekend, but Saturday is a mandatory 8 hour day at work. Sometime this weekend I will make some chili, I am looking forward to that. There are things I look forward to.

A typical workday for me during the week; I get up at 1:30 am, peruse Facebook, take a shower around 2. I browse the SF forum and then watch Netflix until I leave for work at 4:30 am. I have a half hour commute to work. I vape all the time except when I am working. I vape in the smokers lounge until it is time to start working at 5:30 am. At 9:15 I get a break; I vape for 15 minutes. At 11:50 is a half hour lunch; I vape. I talk to the other smokers. At 12:20 I go back to work. At 2:00 is another 15 minute break; I vape. I eat nothing all day except maybe some peanuts. At 4:00 I go home and get there around 4:30 pm. I sit out in the garage with my room mate and friend Cliff. He smokes and I vape. We have Black Velvet whiskey; I have Coors Light beer and he has Natty Daddy. We bullshit until 6:00 pm. I made a big pot of something on Sunday and I warm up my dinner in the microwave. I peruse various forums and go to bed around 7 pm.

On the weekends a lot of times I have to work Saturday morning 4 hours. This Saturday is mandatory 8 hours. They just rearranged the production line, made it more like a production line instead of a skilled wood shop. They threw us into it; this is a very stressful week. On Saturday afternoons I usually do something with my lanterns. On Sundays I do my cooking in the morning and spend the rest of the day either on Netflix or maybe doing something with my lanterns.

It is a comfortable life but it seems pointless. I have plenty of money but not too much. I have a lot of things but very little time to enjoy them. I am looking forward to Thanksgiving; all of my siblings will get together at my brother's house, from all over the country. I have 3 brothers and 4 sisters.

I am just marking the passage of time.


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sometimes life seems like that. sorry about your work stress thats not fair. as long as you have something passionate to look forward to it's not marking time its doing what you have to do until you can do your passion. i think the lanterns are very important to give you a reasonably good life...mike...*hug*shake


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I can so readily relate to how you feel that you are existing rather than living...sending you hugs. Hope the new work schedule proves to not be too stressful.


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I can also easily relate to this. Just passing time to get from one day to the next. Nothing really out there on the horizon. I don't know if that's good or bad, it just is. It feels deflating at times, other times I can say life has been worse. I don't have much to offer you other than the camaraderie of understanding.

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Life sucks, and then you die. Is there anything about work that you enjoy? I'd love to have a job but not even McDonald's wants anything to do with me, haha.


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I appreciate the response. There are probably millions of people that feel like this. I wonder what the difference is between marking time and feeling like you are really making a difference?

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