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Martial artists?

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Any martial artists here? I don't think I'll get many answers, but for what its worth, I love watching mixed martial arts and K-1. I''ve been training in Muay Thai Kickboxing for over a year now, Im not the best around but I train damn hard. Any fellow martial artists/fans?


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I used to watch UFC, but i have no idea what channel it's on anymore, I love martial arts but never trained for it, i would like to but i just don't think i could going on a regular basis, like when i went ot the gym, however if i put the same amount of effort into martial arts as i do in gaming i could easily be a grandmaster. :D

I prefer the choreographed martial arts in movies.


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I really wish i had trained a martial arts when i was younger. If you haven't already you really should definitely watch "Ong bak" and "Warrior king" some of the best martial arts i have ever seen.
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