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masked misery

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Back in the dark place again. Started takin seroxat again it kind of helped for 2week, then I came crashing hard.

I was alone a week he was away so called shit of a dad. I loved it was relaxed house was clean n tidy etc he's a dirty slobby pig hate isn't a big enuf word.

Stopped meds had a minor blip with alcohol, bulimias same old. OCD is severe.

Everydays the same, cleanin after tht pig the dogs and myself. The meds merely masked the misery. Pathetic.

I wish I could escape if not forever. I'm so tired but its neverending he does nothing n nothing right. Useless can't even wash a pot cos he's tight n darent run hot water so just dips the pots in dirty water n puts them away with muck n food still on. VILE

Hate it hate him hate my mother hate my whole family. HATE.

I don't know, if only I had something. Sometimes I miss past friendships & my only relationship. But even wen I was ill they never helped. At my lowest of lows I find it more distressing the fact tht I have no one to turn to. No one to listen, no consolation no comfort no nothing.

Pains me.

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sorry you feel so alone in your pain. I hope you continue to post reach out here. You are heard here okay and we care i care. Just know in time you will be able to move out of that place move into a place of your own where you will have peace. I hope you get back on your meds okay stay stable so you can keep you well enough so when that day comes you will be strong enough to make a new home for you.
i know how it is to live in turmoil but when your an adult you run your life okay noone else hugs
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