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    is what you call me,
    I know,
    it is painful,
    how we can destroy ourselves,
    over the smallest imperfection,
    any sign of humanness,
    and complication.
    And it is hard to explain,
    what exactly triggers,
    a war against yourself,
    some messed up thing in your childhood,
    some flaw,
    a parental mistake,
    next to impossible to undo,
    to forgive,
    and have mercy.
    I don't have anything great or intellectual to say,
    at this point,
    nothing deep or insightful,
    certainly nothing original,
    I just I had to offload it somewhere,
    how being human is a crime,
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    If masochism was an asset on a resume.....I would always be employed!
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    Going to tell you a secret, don't let this go to your thick head. You never stop surprising me with your intelligence, your sense of humor, your braveness to break away from your past. I am very appreciative of this chance you are taking with me; I know you're scared. Hopefully, one day you will know, that when you are with me, you are safe. I embrace you, just as you are. Take Care my Good Friend. I do care for you and the hell you have been through.
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    I just saw this.. am actually speechless.
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